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Dreadful Nightmares Most Renters/Homeowners Experienced

Sure thing that there are a lot of advantages renters and homeowners have. Not to mention the comforts of their home; be it in the condo Bonifacio Global City or any other real estate, the fact that we have a secure home is one thing that we can be proud of. Although we might have these advantages, there are just times that we can’t avoid being pissed by our neighbors who just can’t get a hold of themselves, and/or even unwanted situations that try to mess up with us.

Generally, most renters and/or homeowners can’t escape with these kinds of situations, since we are not in control of the happenings of our surroundings. Yes, it is beyond our control. There are even some of us here prefer to move out to avoid unwanted events. However, we definitely can avoid them by following these simple yet effective tips when it comes to dealing it.

Your home has been infested with roaches and/or other pests.

Roaches and/or other pests that we see in our home is one of the common nightmares most renters and homeowners have. Of course, we don’t want to have these in our home. Basically, most pests can be found in your drains, in your kitchen cabinets and sometimes even on your bed.

Generally, if you have these pests in your home, perhaps, there are certain areas that are not properly cleaned. And having a dirty area of your home is one of the places most pests love to stay.

However, getting rid of these pests is already possible. You can use insecticides or any other cleaning tools to get rid of them. There are also DIY remedies such as boric acid for roaches and/or vinegar for flies.

Your neighbors are noisy, nosy, or worse

Who among you here have neighbors who have these kinds of personalities? I bet, most of us homeowners and renters experienced a dreadful nightmare when it comes to our neighbors. Of course, not all neighbors have these kinds of personalities. But there is just this one or two of your neighbors who you can’t understand them at all. They can be annoying and irritating when it comes to being noisy, nosy, or with their attitudes that you can’t even imagine.

Generally, as much as possible, stay away from them, especially when they start gossiping. You definitely don’t want to mingle and mess up with that kind of attitude. Moreover, avoid being too familiar with them. If you do, then you might regret it later on. Be friendly, but not to the extent that they are too familiar with you.

Plumbing issues occur

Plumbing issues is one of the hassles we usually experience at home. Of course, you definitely don’t want to experience having a smelly bathroom, or dirty kitchen sink. Basically, one of the reasons why there are some plumbing issues on your home is, perhaps, you try to flush a feminine product, diapers or paper towels. With that, it will definitely make the toilet stuck up.

When that happens, if you don’t know anything about how to fix it, contact a professional to fix plumbing issues. Fixing it on your own without proper knowledge about plumbing might worsen the damage. However, if you know how it works, then you better fix it right away to prevent worsening the damage.

You aren’t getting your deposit back

This is applicable for renters. Deposits are a huge expense for renters. Of course, paying it may not be to our benefit. Usually, most landlords will use your deposit to repair major damages on the property while you stay. However, they won’t particularly fix minor damages such as a tear on a carpet, or fixing or replacing appliances that have worn out over time.

Generally, you could potentially have grounds for a lawsuit if you think that your landlord did not give you the correct amount of your deposit back. And in order for you to pursue it, you should consult a lawyer to have a legal process of fixing how you can get your deposit back.

Your security and safety are in question

Basically, one of the things that most renters and homeowners see to it when they first moved into their new home is whether or not they are safe to stay. Of course, you definitely won’t compromise your safety. Right? When choosing the right place to live, you have to make sure that the security of the property is tight enough for you to feel safe.


Feng Shui Tips: How to Prevent Bad Luck on your Bedroom

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When we talk about bedrooms, it’s given that it is where we usually take our precious rest. We either take a quick nap or a good night sleep. However, if you have a good feng shui bedroom, it doesn’t just give you a good and satisfying rest, it invites you, lures you in, excites and calms you at the same time. Moreover, it promotes a harmonious flow of nourishing and sensual energy. Who would not want that?

Some of you here might wonder and ask if they still have the need to go to a shaman for them to get away with the bad luck that might be in their bedrooms. Nope, definitely not! Achieving the desired outcome doesn’t have to be that hard. It doesn’t matter where you live, be it in Amaia homes Lipa or any other real estate property; you can definitely have your own good feng shui on your bedroom.

In order for you to achieve a good feng shui bedroom, you can definitely use a variety of simple yet practical feng shui tools. And below are some of the examples where you can make use of.

Feng Shui Tip #1: Let go of the TV, computer, exercise equipment or any other gadgets in your bedroom

Believe it or not, electronics or gadgets can definitely destroy the good energy on your bedroom. Of course, these things represent work or stress. Moreover, these things can create high EMFs, which is dangerous to our health. And if you want a complete rest, it is best for you to avoid these things. Well, if you are a kind of person who just wanted to have an entertainment, then you better choose books rather than these gadgets. You can put these things on your living room, but not in your bedroom.

Feng Shui Tip #2: Open the windows often or use a good quality air-purifier to keep the air in your bedroom fresh and full of oxygen.

A good bedroom also has a good window. Your windows play a big role on your bedroom. You cannot have a good feng shui in your bedroom if the air you breathe is full of pollutants. Open the windows in order to have a good circulation of the air. However, if you think that the air outside is also polluted, then you might as well use a good quality air-purifier. With that, you can still have a good clean air.

Feng Shui Tip #3: Use soothing colors to achieve a good feng shui balance in your bedroom

Balancing the color in your bedroom is also an important factor to consider for you to achieve a good feng shui on your bedroom. The color that you choose with a balanced décor promotes the best flow of energy for a restorative sleep. And in choosing the right color, you have to make sure that it also suits your personality. Well, light color schemes are advisable.

Feng Shui Tip #4: Choose your bedroom art wisely, as images carry powerful energy

If you want to have good vibes on your bedroom, you should not put a creepy wall décor or any other decorations that are not that pleasant to look at. When decorating, you have to carefully choose decals that can give you a positive energy. Positive quotes on your wall, for example, can give you some encouragements all throughout the day.

Feng Shui Tip #5: Have several levels of lighting in your bedroom, or use a dimmer switch to adjust the energy accordingly.

The light is our number one nutrient and one of the strongest manifestations of energy. A good light can bring a special energy. When you use candles, for example, they don’t just give you a light but also, it gives you a very intimate, warm and healing atmosphere. Candles are also known to be the best feng shui bedroom lighting.

Feng Shui Tip #6: Follow the 3 basic feng shui guidelines for your bed. Your bed must be:

1. Your bed must be easily approachable from both sides, 2. It should have two bedside tables (one on each side), and 3. Avoid having the bed directly in line with the door. If you can follow these simple feng shui guidelines, you will create a good atmosphere on your bedroom. And don’t forget a good mattress, it also matters. You’ll definitely achieve a good and satisfying outcome when you have a well-balanced and “good looking” bed on your bedroom.

Home Safety: Preventing Halloween Accidents


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Trick or treat—that is the question!

Halloween is the time where you got to enjoy making people scare to death. I bet, you too secretly want to see their funny faces, especially when they got to be really scared. This is also the time when you got to wear Halloween costumes and have some spooky thrills. Without these activities, Halloween would never be fun. Aside from having a lot of fun, one of the things that we really care about is our safety. What else?

If there is one thing that is scary and frustrating enough for us to experience, it is when we can’t fully enjoy the Halloween party. And when we talk about parties and/or any other Halloween activities, accidents can happen anytime and anywhere even in our own house and lot in Cavite. Sometimes, we don’t realize that we are already prone to accidents. However, even if accidents are always there, we definitely can avoid it.

If you think that you are a kind of person who is clumsy in any other ways, then below are some tips for you to avoid accidents, especially when you are having your Halloween party at home. That means we can have fun without getting serious or minor injuries and/or damages.

Tip # 1: Trick-or-treat safety

Trick-or-treat is one of the activities that we, especially kids enjoy a lot. Of course, who would not have fun and be excited when you got to knock at other people’s door and ask them whether they like a trick or a treat?  For you to enjoy it more, you should always be reminded that you should walk, not run around the neighbourhood. Because when you do, you might stumble and injured yourself. And I’ll tell you, you definitely don’t want to continue your Trick-or-Treat.

Tip # 2: Light up the night

One of the important materials that we use when we put up a Halloween party is the candles or luminaries since it adds a spooky glow to your home. However, these things are also a fire hazard. Instead of real candles, you can also go for LED tea lights or wind a string of orange lights around your front porch. With that, it is definitely safe for everybody, and especially for you home. But if candles are really needed, you have to make sure that it is properly secured. Double check if it is ready to use or not and/or do some preliminaries before using it.

Tip # 3:  Clear a path

This is one of the common causes why accidents happen – it is when you don’t clear the path for the people, especially for Trick-or-Treaters. It is definitely blocking the way. If you see some candies and/or any other things that blocked the way, you have to immediately pick it up to avoid serious accidents. Also, it is more appealing to look at when you don’t have any mess on your home – just the Halloween decorations that you need to have.

Tip # 4: Confine pets

If you are having a Halloween party at your home, you have to make sure that your pets are in the safe place. If you tend to let go of you pets, Trick-or-Treaters and/or your neighbours might find it hard to enjoy their party since your dog is too noisy barking at them. And you definitely don’t want to kill the momentum, right? Also, keeping them in a safe place can avoid accidents like dog bites.

Tip # 5:  Practice indoor fire safety

Again, accidents are just there waiting to strike anytime. And if you are hosting a Halloween party, you have to make sure that your home is safely secured from fire. It is a must for you to check your smoke alarms to help make sure they are functional when it’s needed. Also, if you have a fire extinguisher, that would be much better.

Rules: What Not to Do in Home Organizing

Whether you agree with me or not, one of the most tiring and challenging things to do is organizing and/or arranging the things we have at home. Some of you here find it easy, but for some, it is one of the most difficult tasks they need to do. Exaggerating? Mm, maybe not. There are just some people who don’t like arranging things since they don’t have any idea on how to do it at all. Well, I do, sometimes.

Not knowing what to do is a normal thing to experience, since not all of us can pull off the desired outcome. However, it is not a reasonable excuse for you not to properly arrange and/or organize the things in your home. And as a homeowner, it is a must for you to learn more about it. Well, it’s a good start when you have some ideas.

For starters, fret not! Even if you don’t like anything related to arranging, you can still do it without any hassles at all. Just make sure that you know the basic rules. Eventually, you will realize that arranging and/or organizing your things at home is not as bad and hard as you think it is.

Not choosing the right focal point

When arranging, never underestimate the power of a focal point. This gives the particular furniture to stand out from the rest of the things around the house. Whatever your focal point is, you have to make sure to stick with it and arrange your furniture around it. You have to know how to play with the furniture around your focal point, whatever your arrangements are, it will still look good.

Pushing furniture against the walls

One of the misconceptions people usually make is pushing and having their furniture against their wall to save some space. Yes, the space on your home will dictate how far you can pull your furniture away from the wall. And even if you have a small space at home, it is still a no-no for you to do such. Allow a few inches between the backs of furniture pieces and the walls. With this kind of arrangement, it allows your furniture to breath, and it can make the room look a bit bigger.

Not creating a conversation area

One of the must-haves in your house is having a conversation area. Naturally, people should have a space where they can have a good talk with their families and/or friends. If you don’t have a conversation area at home, then where will you let your visitor sit and enjoy their visit? Usually, conversation areas are located in the living room. Well, you have to make sure that there is enough space for everyone.

Not finding the right balance

Balancing the things and/or the arrangements you have at home is an important thing for you to consider. Imagine putting your things in one corner, while the other corner of your house is empty – definitely not a good sight, right? Having the right balance can give you the right choice on where and what kind of furniture you are going to put and/or arrange in that particular space available.

Not considering the traffic flow

It is definitely irritating and annoying when we trip into our furniture, right? Well perhaps, we don’t have enough space for us to pass through. Yes, some of us here have a small house, but it also doesn’t mean that you will not consider the traffic flow on your home. Make sure that you have enough space for people to walk freely without worrying about tripping over the furniture.

Not choosing the right type of light

Observing the right type of light in a particular area is also one of your arrangements you need to carefully consider. You don’t want to put a dim light in your kitchen, right? If you do, then good luck with your eyes – it’s definitely going to hurt you.

Not choosing the right rug

Rugs at home are very useful. However, when we have a lot of rugs that are not on their proper places, then it is also not nice to look at. Moreover, putting a rug in every corner of your home is a no-no, you have to choose where and what kind of rug that fits on a particular place. If you choose the right rug, it will also add beauty to the overall arrangement on your home.

7 Simple Hacks on How to Make your Own Home Library

Whether you would agree with me or not, books can never replace e-books! Yes, the convenience e-books can give is also to our advantage. But I would still prefer flipping the pages of my old book at one of the nooks of my Nuvali property. There are even some people who go to school or public library just to read their favorite books or even buy a particular book on the cheapest book store. I bet, book lovers would do what they can just to have the book that they love.

If you are a kind of person who is passionate enough to read and collect books, why don’t you consider having your own library at home? Having your own library at home can bring a relaxing and genuine atmosphere of a modern residence or apartment. Well, it doesn’t take a big space in your home – just enough to accommodate all your books.

1. Bookshelf

First and foremost, before you can have your own library, you have to know where you would like to put your books. You have to know whether you still have enough space in your home for your own mini-library or not. Well, if you don’t have enough space, then there must be a way where you can still put your books. If you are creative enough, then you might want to try installing some bookshelves on your wall – it’s an artistic style to have your own personalized library.

2. Find your library style

If you are a kind of person who wants to take their home library to the next level, you must first determine what kind of style you want for your library. You have to know first what kind of theme, or book order you want to have. If you want to have it a bookstore-style – then sorting the nonfiction books by subject and fiction books alphabetically by an author is also best for larger book collectors. If you want it by theme – then you can sort your books from topics to topics. And if you want to arrange your books by its color, then you can also play with the style.

3. Take care of oversized books

One way or another, books like to be supported. And having proper shelving is one way to ensure that they are. Well, if you have some oversized books, consider laying them flat instead of standing them up. With that manner, it will reduce the wear and tear on the spines. Just make sure to stack them in ascending order, so each book is entirely supported by the book beneath it.

4. Rotate books to spark new interest

We all love to read our books at home, but there are certain books that we really love to read over and over again. Well, if you have that kind of book, why not try rotating it for a new twist of arrangement? You can have it off the shelf and put it on your coffee table, or in a little pile beside your bed, and/or any other places where you can definitely notice it. With that, it will be easier for you to remember that you will be going to have a good read once again.

5. Special care for rare books

Usually, people who love to collect books have a particular book that is distinctive from any other books they have at home. And basically, if you have this kind of book that you really cherish a lot, then you have to make sure that it is not placed in direct sunlight since it can bleach the covers. Moreover, you have to take precautions to protect your investments.

6. Put a bookend on it

You definitely can protect your book even if you don’t have any bookshelves at all. All you have to do is secure a bookend and place it on both ends. Using of bookends is a simple hack perfect for adding a small collection of your favorite books to space without bookshelves. And mind you, it is going to be a lifesaver. Of course, you can have your books even in the kitchen – keeping a seasonal selection of cookbooks within reach on the counter.

7. Get inspired while you work

When you are feeling down, and you don’t have the right motivation to work on the task that you are working on, then why not try reading your favorite book first. Flipping through a stack of inspiring books can be a quick and easy way to spark new ideas.