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Top 6 Powder Room Ideas You Won’t Regret

There’s nothing more pampered than having a stylish powder room at home. Agree? Particularly for guests who just need a little retouch, a powder room would be a great spot for them. Generally, powder rooms have a simple space at home. It can be near the kitchen, living room or in the bathroom. But wherever the placement will be, it is still one of the spots most people usually used. And of course, you can definitely have your own powder room whether you are living in your 1br condo in Alabang.

A powder room can also be one of the attractions in your home. Especially when you have guests coming over, they definitely would appreciate if they could use a powder room to freshen up their selves. And if you have a stylish powder room, then you will not be hesitant to let your guests use it. However, if you are not proud of it, then you might want to refer to these powder room ideas and apply it to yours. Perhaps, this is one of the many ways you will love having such room in your home.

1. Tiled walls

Walls are the things your guest would first notice. That is why it is necessary for you to make the walls of your powder room neat and elegant enough. If you have a small powder room space, you can have a little tile that would also compliment with space. You might also consider mix matching the walls and your floor. If your floor is intact, then go for a tiled element on your walls. Vice-versa.

2. Fixtures

If you think that a mirror and a sink would be enough, then you better think again. There’s nothing more appealing than having stylish accessories in your powder room. It will not only add beauty to the place, but it will also make the room more functional. Perhaps, you can also include a lamp mounted on the wall and a picture frame below it. It is basically up to you on how you want to make it more attractive.

3. Storage

Having storage in your powder room is one of the things you should not forget to include. A small storage space will do, for as long as it will serve its purpose to whoever uses it. Or perhaps, you can store essentials such as hand sanitizer, hand towel, paper towel and other essentials that one can possibly use.

4. Vanity

There’s nothing wrong when you go for something that you dream of. Perhaps, you want to have a powder room based on your imagination, then you can definitely achieve such if you want to. However, you also have to be considerate about how others would feel when they use the room. Well, you can go for a cool live-edge counter especially for powder rooms placed in the bathroom.

5. Wallpaper

If you think that having simple tiles on the wall is so simple and plain, then you can also have and use wallpaper for it. Of course, you better choose a wallpaper that would complement with the fixtures. Wallpaper with patterns would be great when your powder room is large. However, if you have a small space, then you can go for whimsical wallpaper. With this, your powder room will still look elegant with the wallpapers on it.

6. Flooring

Generally, it is up to you if you want to use the same flooring with the rest of your rooms, or you can go for a more stylish one. And if you are planning to make it different from the rest, then don’t be afraid to mix and match your flooring with the fixtures and other features in the powder room. Just make sure that all the things you do and include will definitely match with one another.


5 Traits that Make Up A Good Home

“There’s nothing like our home.”

Yes, cliché as it may seem, but it is very true! A lot of you here might not realize how having a good home is important to our everyday lives. Although there are times that life at work or in school may be tough, but when you get back home with a feeling of relaxation and satisfaction, it will all be worth it. Generally, it doesn’t matter if you are living in a condo in Cebu or anywhere else in the Philippines, you can definitely achieve a good home.

However, this is also one of the most challenging parts for most home investors – is to find a property that would suit their lifestyle. Perhaps, they don’t have any idea on what and what not to do when it comes to searching a property. As a result, they are not satisfied with what they have at home. If you are one of those homebuyers who is planning to invest in a property, then you better refer to these tips below for you to have a good home.

1. Location, location, location

This is one of the most important things you need to consider before you decide to purchase a property. Determine if the property is accessible to any places. Of course, you are not going to buy a property where it is far from your work or from school, right? That means, when searching for a property, you have to make sure that you are searching for the location that you want.

2. The school district

If you have kids, one of the things you need to consider before you decide to purchase a home is if it is near a school district. This is a smart way to make your kids feel comfortable going to and fro in school. If their school is near from their home, they will have more time in playing and studying instead of a long hour drive. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about your kids too much since the school is just near and you can visit them anytime of the day.

3. The home’s position on the lot

Whether you realize it or not, the position of your house also matters. Is your home near a street? Is it overlooking? Or is your home situated in a place where many people are passing by? When you have a good position for your home, this will give you a satisfaction whenever you want to go out from your home. Also, this is also one of the many ways you can have your own privacy in living.

4. The low crime rate

This goes without saying. But I’m sure you don’t want to invest in a property where you know that crimes are going on. When it comes to home living, safety is one of the things you need to consider before anything else. Moreover, you have to know if the property is too dark where most crimes are made. Or is it too crowded where strangers are everywhere? These are one of the things you need to consider before you invest in a particular property. Of course, this is for your safety and the safety of your family as well.

5. The neighborhood’s character

A lot of you here might not realize that your neighbors also matters. Of course, you are living in the same community. And if there are any misunderstandings between you and your neighbor, then this will not go to have a fruitful living. Well, before you purchase a home, you have to personally observe the neighborhood, and if you think that you feel like you don’t belong in such community, then you have to think again and again before you make your decision on the purchase.

6 Hacks To Save Money on Your Home Electricity Bills


Spending money is a crucial thing to do. Agree? We don’t just spend for the sake of spending without knowing if it is worth or money or not. But let’s admit! We all are guilty of this since there are just some things that we are so tempted to buy even if it is not that important for us to use. How much more when you your money is budgeted and you still have a lot of utility bills at home that you need to pay? This is going to be a daunting and challenging on where you can get the exact budget, right?

Yes, it is understandable that saving money is one of the hardest things we could ever do, considering that there are a lot of daily expenses that we also need to think about. And if you are one of those homeowners of Ayala land properties, and who are struggling when it comes to saving money, then you might want to try these tips below in minimizing things for a save more money.

1. More plants


One of the advantages, when you have plants in your home, is that it can block the heat from getting into your home. Of course, plants don’t just give and add beauty to your home, but it also has health benefits you can get when you have plants at home. Moreover, make sure that the flowers or plants are fresh enough when you put have it in your home.

2. Cover your windows


If you don’t want to turn on your AC all the time, then you better cover your windows to make sure that the heat won’t get into your home. Well, you can close your window blinds or curtains, especially during the hottest part of the day. Moreover, you can also install outdoor awnings, solar screens, or window film on the outside of your windows to minimize the heat that goes to your home.

3. Adjust the thermostat


The thermostat is useful especially when you want to reduce your cooling costs by as much as 10% of your previous one. Raising the thermostat is also one way you can save money since it can keep your home at the highest comfortable temperature as possible. And if you think that the place is still warm for you to stay, then don’t forget to turn on the thermostat to minimize and adjust the temperature of the place.

4. Select your fan speed


Don’t you know that your fan is also one of the things that can contribute to the utility bills at home? Especially when you experience humidity in the place, you definitely want to turn the fan on its maximum level. If you can’t adjust your fan speed from the thermostat, then you better call a service professional to see what speed you need use.

5. Use permanent air filters


One of the most critical part when keeping the air conditioning running is the maintenance. Of course, it restricts the flow of the air and cause the system to become inefficient and unable to function when you have a dirty air filter. If you really want to save money when it comes to your home utility bills, then you also have to consider and maintain a clean air condition system. If you think that it is already collecting dust and dirt, then you need to clean them regularly to ensure that there will be a proper function.

6. Seal leaks


Did you know that a leak or a crack on your window is one of the many things that contributes to the expensive bills that you have? Of course, air can’t circulate in the place properly since it goes outside, the more energy your AC or fan will be giving. That would also mean, there is also more electricity usage just for it. That is why you have to make sure that you seal leaks on your windows and doors.

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Home Essentials You Probably Don’t Know You Can Share With Your Roommates

There will always be a great feeling in sharing with our roommates, agree? Moreover, there is also fun when you share something. But since we heard a lot of rumours or stories about having a messy, inconsiderate, and weird roommate, we tend to be hesitant about having and sharing some things with them. It doesn’t matter if you are sharing a room in a townhouse in Quezon City Philippines, you definitely don’t want to share a thing when you have such roommate. Right?

However, if you are one of those people who have shared a room with his/her friends, then there are actually a lot of things or essentials at home that you can share with them. And if you are wondering what things that you can share with them, then you might as well refer to these things below.

Food and beverage


Whether you realize it or not, it is more fun eating when you have someone to eat with you. Agree? How much more if you tend to share your food with your roommates? Your roommates do not just save money for the food, they will also feel that you care enough for them since you are thoughtful enough of giving them food. Of course, that does not also mean that they don’t have enough money to buy their own food. But there will also be a great feeling when it comes to sharing foods with your roommates.

Gas, not the car


It is actually common for most officemates to share a room. So, when it comes to going to and from to work, it is just normal for the both of you to go together, right? Well, that unless there are urgent matters where you can’t go together. However, if one has a car, you can talk about sharing the gas, but not the car, of course. Remember, the gas is still one of your expenses. That is why you also have to decide on how are you going to divide the expenses for the gas.

Appliances and furniture


You definitely don’t want to have a home full of furniture where there are no spaces available left, right? That is why, whatever appliances or furniture you have at home, it is just a norm for you to share it with your roommates. If you have a comfortable couch in the living room, might as well share it with your roommate. With that, you will not have too many appliances and furniture at home.

Kitchen appliances and dinnerware


Just like sharing the appliances and furniture at home, kitchen appliances and dinnerware are also one of the many things you can share with your roommates. Of course, you definitely don’t want to have a lot of microwaves or a coffee maker just for the both of you. Right? Moreover, you are not just wasting your money buying another one, you are also making the space of your home smaller since you have a lot of things for you to put. And I’m sure you don’t want that, right?

Entertainment and media systems



If you don’t want to spend too much on your electricity bills, then you better share with your roommate some entertainment and media systems. Of course, you have to make sure that you have to know who gets to control the remote, or who gets to decide what to watch. With that, both of you will have an agreement on what you should do when it comes to watching or doing some entertainment stuff.

Share subscription


If you are planning to subscribe to a Netflix, then you might as well share it with your roommate. Of course, who don’t want to share when you got to watch movies as long as you want, and as many as you want, right? That is why you also have to make sure to talk about it if you want to subscribe something for you not to use something only for your own.

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The Right Etiquette for Bathroom Use



As we all know, being clean and organize at home is a must. Who would not like it, right? However, being clean at home doesn’t just apply to your on the outside appearance of your home may it be a house and lot in Cavite, Laguna or anywhere in the Philippines.

Whatever you do, don’t forget that there is also etiquette for bathroom use. Obviously, if you don’t know how to take good care of your bathroom, it will definitely reflect the overall factor of your lifestyle at home.

How much more when you host a party at home? And whether you like it or not, there will always be guests that will use your bathroom. Of course, if you don’t want to be embarrassed or letting your guest feel ashamed, you don’t just clean and organize the venue but also your bathroom. Generally, having the right etiquette for bathroom use is not that hard as you think it is. Just think about what and what not to do when it comes to using the bathroom.

However, if you are a first timer in hosting a party at home, below are some tips for you to follow on how you can achieve a satisfying bathroom use. And mind you, when you have a good bathroom to use, your guests will definitely impress on how good you are in taking good care of it.

Have lots of toilet paper back up





When it comes to parties, you should expect that there are guests who wish to use the bathroom. However, letting your guests call out a request for more toilet paper might not be a good experience for them. It is not just embarrassing on their side, but it is going to be a reflection of your personality, on how prepared are you when it comes to emergencies like this. And mind you, guests who request for toilet papers is not going to be a good experience for both sides.

Have citrus spray or matches handy



For any kind of emergencies like having an upset stomach, you cannot avoid using the bathroom. Of course, you need to let your waste go out. But if you don’t want to ruin your party by having a smelly odor in your bathroom, then you better prepare a citrus spray, this will lessen the odor and the embarrassment felt by your guests.

Hide anything you don’t want them to see

This is one of the most common and obvious things you should never forget. If you have anything in particular that you don’t want them to see, then you better hide it in a safe place. Well perhaps, it’s your napkins, and other stuff women usually use on their body parts. Of course, it is a private thing that you should not display in the bathroom that’s open for guests.

Provide a trash can




For an apparent reason, the trash can is an important thing for bathroom use. And mind you, a bathroom will never be complete if there is no place where they can put their trash such as toilet papers and another kind of trashes. That is why, if you don’t want to make your bathroom dirty or messy, then you better provide a trash can for it.

Clean and especially “boy clean” your bathroom

It is inevitable that guests may sometimes do some messy stuff in the bathroom. Of course, it is also your duty on how you are going to make it and keep it clean. Perhaps, you can provide a signage indicating to clean after their mess, or you can clean the bathroom from time to time. With that, you can make sure that the bathroom is always ready for the next user.

Make sure there’s a plunger in there somewhere


Aside from the trash can that is an important thing to have, you should also not forget about the plunger. Because without it, this might be worse than running out and extra toilet paper. You should complete all the bathroom necessities for you not to have any worries at all. Moreover, if you don’t have any problems with the bathroom use, then you will continue to enjoy the party. Of course, make your guests feel comfortable when in use of your bathroom use.

5 Signs You Need To Find A New Home

real estate Cebukeys-to-the-new-house

As we all know, there is no permanent in this place – we all change. How much more when we feel that we are already outgrowing our previous home? Naturally, we want to find some other place that satisfies and fits our lifestyle. We don’t want to be stuck in one place where we are already not happy living with it. Right? That is why some of us here are planning to move into their new home in real estate Cebu or any other real estate properties in the Philippines that can make them feel contented.

However, not all people are able to identify the signs that they have already outgrown their first home. And if you are one of those people who feel the same way, then you better check these 5 signs below. Who know? This can help you decide to find a better place for you to live life to its fullest.

You don’t see the point in cleaning the place anymore

Whether you realize it or not, you feel like you don’t want to do some household chore anymore. You feel like being lazy cleaning your rooms and the entire place of your home. You already don’t care if your home is already messy enough for you to live. And if you do not see the point in cleaning your place anymore, then this is one of the signs that you need to move out and find a better place to stay.

You notice every little fault

Have you ever noticed that even a slightest fault or damage on our home, you get irritated and feel like you don’t want to live in that particular house? There are also times that even a small cracked on the wall, you feel like you don’t want to repair it since you don’t care about it at all. When you feel like this, then this is also the time for you to move out. If you are still going to stay in that particular place, then this might not be a good thing to continue with the journey of your life. You also have to remember that if you are happy with your home, it will also reflect who we are inside and out. That is why, if you are not happy with the current place you are in, then find a better place for you.

You constantly stalk real estate online listings

This is one of the most common signs you should not ignore. If you tend to search other properties online, then this is the chance for you to find a better place for you to stay. Moreover, the more you search real estate properties online, the more you really want to move out and be in your new home. Of course, finding a new place to stay is one step you should make before you can decide on what and where you want to live next.

You desperately long to host get-together, but you can’t

Whether you realize it or not, there are just times that we feel like we can’t host a get-together in your home, even if you want to. Perhaps, you are not that proud of having that particular place as your home. Or you are not just comfortable hosting get-together especially when it is held at your home. This is one of the common signs that you are already outgrowing your home and you need to find another place for you to live a satisfying life. Of course, you also have to make sure that you like your new home for as not to regret later on.

You’d much rather spend time away from home

If you are not happy with your home already, you will notice that you don’t like staying at home for too long. You rather spend your quality time or spare time in some other places than your home. And if you feel like this way, you better find a place where you can call it as your home and you can be proud to live with it.

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