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Tips For Condo Living With A Baby

Living with a baby is both a joy and a challenge. Such a small creature can bring about a total change in how you live your life. Aside from the major changes in your life, your living space will be invaded by baby stuff.

kids condoNo matter what kind of Philippine property you live in, you will feel the huge change in your living space. Even if you live in a house in its own lot and at least semi-detached from the neighbor’s house, you will surely feel this invasion of space; and so much more if you live in a place that has limited space such as a condo in the Philippines.

Below are some tips for living in a condo with a baby.

  • Prioritize. If you have settled in your condo unit for many years already before the baby arrives, chances are you will have to dispose of some of your stuff. You will definitely need to create space for a lot of baby stuff such as the crib or bassinet, clothes drawers, and other baby stuff you might want. The key is to prioritize which ones you will definitely need and make use of the most.
  • Rotate toys. Toys can be everywhere in most houses that have babies and kids living in them. However, a little clutter of toys can make a huge mess in a space-challenged condo unit. Do not bring out all the toys for the baby to use. Put some of them in storage and then keep them in rotation.
  • Look for a playgroup or start one. Most babies and kids will inevitably crave for space to explore. Address this need by going out with your baby as much as you can. You may also look for a playgroup that you can join regularly. If you cannot find any, consider starting one yourself and looking for a soft playground where you can meet other parents and babies.
  • Soundproof. Since units in condominium buildings are only separated by not-so-thick walls, the noise that a baby makes is one of the first concerns. Try to soundproof your unit as much as possible. You can use rubber mats on the walls or along spaces in the doors and windows. No need to soundproof your whole unit, just choose an area or room where you can bring your baby when he or she is fussy and making a lot of noise.