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How to Beautify a Big Blank Wall


Whether you realize it or not, there will always be a beauty in a big blank and clean wall. Agree? Of course, this is the time when you can actively and creatively imagine what things to put to fill in your big empty wall. For some, this is one of the common problems they faced especially when they don’t know anything about decorating at all. However, when you know what you are going to do with your wall, then a wall décor challenge is just a piece of cake.

It does not matter if you are living in a real estate Cebu, decorating your wall is one of the things you can do to make your wall look good. Well, if you don’t have any idea at all on what you’re supposed to do aside from the typical paintings we have on our wall, then below are some simple and doable examples you can apply.

Build a bookshelf

If you have a lot of things or books yet you don’t have enough space in your home, then you might want to have a bookshelf installed on your wall. Instead of having or putting decorations, make the bookshelf as part of the decorations you have on your wall. With that, you’re not just saving up more space but also, you just made a great and stylish way to have a bookshelf.

Installation of bookshelf may be hard on your part. Of course, you also have to make sure that the shelves are properly installed on the wall to have a good and durable base.

Statement art

Aside from the pictures and paintings, you can also have statement art on your wall.  Installing a striking piece of statement art can be eye-catching to the viewers. Moreover, isn’t it nice to wake up in the morning with a piece of interesting piece of art on your wall?  Well, hanging one or two statement arts on your wall would be enough.

Wall coverings

One of the struggles most homeowners have is that they don’t have anything to decorate at all. Perhaps, they are one of those homeowners who invest in a property with no furniture to fill the empty spaces yet. Well, you can go with wall coverings or wallpapers. Fret not! Wallpapers are easy to install on your walls. You just have to make sure that there will be no lumps on the surface.

There are a lot of styles when it comes to wallpapers.  And it will always be up to you on what style of wallpaper you want to use.

The gallery wall

If you are a kind of person who likes to take pictures or paintings, then the gallery wall might suit your taste. You can have your wall combined with your photos and paintings with different sizes and color and framed or unframed artwork. You can also fill your wall with textiles and other wall decals. Of course, it is also important for you to consider mix matching your decals on the paintings of your wall. Make sure that the color and shapes, sizes can go along with your wall.

If you are not sure about the color combinations, then you can go neutral yet bold, sophisticated and creative in many ways.

Decorating your wall will always depend on what you want to do or have on your wall. Before you can decide on what kind of decorations you want for your wall, you also have to consider about whether your wall and the decorations are incorporated or not. If not, then you have to find ways on how you can mix and match your decals to your walls without compromising its quality.


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Home Cleaning Tips: How to Dust Effectively





If you think you did the right thing when dusting, then you better think again. Dusting is not just about removing the dirt out from your furniture. When it is not properly done, then this might be a risk to your health, especially for those asthmatics. This will also leave more work for you to do when dusting without any proper guide on how to do such. Yes, dusting may be a simple task, but there are certain things you need to know before you start dusting. This is for you to make sure you are doing the right thing and not just for the sake of it.

Dust is everywhere, even if you are living in a real estate Cebu. It can be on your furniture, window, floor, under your bed and things around inside your home – name it, it all collect dust. You may whisk it away during the weekends. And for the following days, your furniture and other things at home are dust-covered all over again. It is actually a cycle. That is why dusting should be taken seriously to make sure that it won’t pose a risk of our lives. However, not all homeowners grasp the importance of knowing such. But before anything else, here are the things you need to know before you start dusting.

Use the right tools

One of the common tools we usually used is the feather duster. Right? It is handy and easy to use. However, do you know that it is not advisable to use feather duster when dusting? Yes, this tool might remove some dust, but it is not that effective enough to clean your furniture. It only spread the dust from one surface to another. In order for you to clean it properly, use a microfiber cloth that attracts dust particles. With this, you can make sure that the surface will leave no dust. Moreover, to ensure that the cloth will continue to pick up the dust, wash or replace them when they get dirty.

Use dusting spray

Using of spray is one of the things that helps clean the dust. However, you must be careful on where you spray. Don’t spray it on the furniture, but on your microfiber cloth. Spraying it on your furniture or any other things at home may become grimy and can attract even more dust instead. Moreover, to make sure that the dust won’t stay on the surface, lift the cloth away from the shelves and furniture. The spray will help the cloth hold onto the dust.

Dust first, then vacuum

Always remember that not all dust can be seen. That is why don’t just dust the furniture and other things at home. Make sure that you don’t drop the dust on the floor to prevent you from doing, even more, work. Then before you do some vacuum, you also have to make sure to change or wash the filter on your vacuum cleaner so it does not release dust back into your room. Don’t forget to vacuum the corners of ever furniture in your home that are beyond your reach for you to dust.

Don’t forget the vents

This is one important thing you need to remember. Never forget the vents. If not taken care of, this can be one of the reasons why the dust in your room or home is all over the place. Heating and air conditioning vents are one the things that are known for blowing dust and allergens into the air. And if this happens, you might not like inhaling it, especially when you have asthma. Clean your vents regularly to keep them clean to reduce the amount of dust in your home.

See? A lot of us may have thought that they are already doing the right thing when it comes to dusting. But knowing these things above will help you change your routine and have a better and healthy lifestyle. Who would want to go back to their old cleaning habits when they know it is not the right thing to do, which can also cause risk to our health? Right? Yes, these tips above may be easy. But it is always up to you on how you do an effective dusting in your home.

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5 Traits that Make Up A Good Home

“There’s nothing like our home.”

Yes, cliché as it may seem, but it is very true! A lot of you here might not realize how having a good home is important to our everyday lives. Although there are times that life at work or in school may be tough, but when you get back home with a feeling of relaxation and satisfaction, it will all be worth it. Generally, it doesn’t matter if you are living in a condo in Cebu or anywhere else in the Philippines, you can definitely achieve a good home.

However, this is also one of the most challenging parts for most home investors – is to find a property that would suit their lifestyle. Perhaps, they don’t have any idea on what and what not to do when it comes to searching a property. As a result, they are not satisfied with what they have at home. If you are one of those homebuyers who is planning to invest in a property, then you better refer to these tips below for you to have a good home.

1. Location, location, location

This is one of the most important things you need to consider before you decide to purchase a property. Determine if the property is accessible to any places. Of course, you are not going to buy a property where it is far from your work or from school, right? That means, when searching for a property, you have to make sure that you are searching for the location that you want.

2. The school district

If you have kids, one of the things you need to consider before you decide to purchase a home is if it is near a school district. This is a smart way to make your kids feel comfortable going to and fro in school. If their school is near from their home, they will have more time in playing and studying instead of a long hour drive. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about your kids too much since the school is just near and you can visit them anytime of the day.

3. The home’s position on the lot

Whether you realize it or not, the position of your house also matters. Is your home near a street? Is it overlooking? Or is your home situated in a place where many people are passing by? When you have a good position for your home, this will give you a satisfaction whenever you want to go out from your home. Also, this is also one of the many ways you can have your own privacy in living.

4. The low crime rate

This goes without saying. But I’m sure you don’t want to invest in a property where you know that crimes are going on. When it comes to home living, safety is one of the things you need to consider before anything else. Moreover, you have to know if the property is too dark where most crimes are made. Or is it too crowded where strangers are everywhere? These are one of the things you need to consider before you invest in a particular property. Of course, this is for your safety and the safety of your family as well.

5. The neighborhood’s character

A lot of you here might not realize that your neighbors also matters. Of course, you are living in the same community. And if there are any misunderstandings between you and your neighbor, then this will not go to have a fruitful living. Well, before you purchase a home, you have to personally observe the neighborhood, and if you think that you feel like you don’t belong in such community, then you have to think again and again before you make your decision on the purchase.

6 Cleaning Hacks You Probably Don’t Know It’s Possible


One of the things we really hate the most is cleaning a stubborn stain. Of course, you need to exert more effort just to remove the stains, which can also be tiring on our part. Agree? For some homeowners, this is one of their nightmares when it comes to cleaning their homes. Unless it’s just a clutter, but cleaning stubborn stains? Well, better get ready!

Sad to say, since not all homeowners know how to remove such stains, they just ignore it causing some germs or bacteria to appear. Yes, we may not notice it on our home, but they existed in our surroundings. How much more if we have stubborn stains at home, germs would definitely love to live in such dirty place. This is one of the reasons why we need to clean our home regularly.

Well, if you are one of those homeowners who are having a hard time cleaning and removing stubborn stains at home, then below are some cleaning hacks you probably don’t know it is possible to remove unwanted stains. And the good news? These cleaning things are affordable and easy methods to do whether you are living in real estate Cebu, or any other real estate in the Philippines. So, fret not!

1. Clean a dirty toilet with Coca-Cola


Some of you here might have heard about this already. But for some people, yes, you read it right. Coca-Cola can definitely clean a stubborn stain in your toilet. It is not just an ordinary soda, it can also be used as a cleaning material for your home. Well, a bottle or can will only cost you a small amount of money. So don’t worry too much about buying Coca-Cola for more.

2. Clean cast iron with salt


This is also one of the cleaning hacks that amazed thousands of people. Salt is not just used for cooking, it can also be used as a cleaning material for a cast iron. Well, all you have to do is simply scrub with coarse salt and a soft sponge. Not just it, the salt is also used to remove oils, food residue and also rust. Isn’t it amazing how salt can clean your things?

3. Clean tight spaces with a ketchup bottle


With the use of ketchup bottles, cleaning your home would be much easier for you to do. Well, all you have to do is simply put the lid on the vacuum hose and you’ll reach even the tiniest places in your home.

4. Cleaning kitchen oil splatters


If you think that oil can only give you greases, then you better think again. You can definitely use kitchen oil for cleaning. By putting a couple of drops of mineral oil on a paper towel and wipe on the greasy surface and the stains will definitely be removed. Of course, you also have to make sure that you wipe the surface properly for as not to make it greasier.

5. Pretreat stovetops with car wax


Using of car wax for cleaning kitchen appliances? Yes, you can! Applying car wax on your stove would result for a shiner stove than you have before. Basically, its end results are just similar to the way you clean your car. And just like how you clean your car, you simply apply a thin layer of the car wash and then wipe it off with a paper towel. Your stove would definitely be shining again.

6. Clean the tub naturally


Nothing beats with the cleaning material with the natural one. Of course, it doesn’t just remove stubborn stains at home, it is also safe for your health. In order for you to have an effective cleaning with your natural cleaning materials, you also have to know what are the things or ingredients to make it effective. Basically, you just have to mix one teaspoon of liquid soap and few drops of an antibacterial essential oil to 1 cup of baking soda. Just add water to form a paste and wipe the tub with a sponge and then rinse with cool water. With this kind of method, the stains in your tub will definitely be removed.


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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should be Thankful for a Great Real Estate Broker

If you are an aspiring homeowner, one of the best things you should consider is to hire a real estate agent or a broker. Of course, they are the ones who will guide you about how a particular real estate transaction works, especially when you decide to invest in a Makati condo or any other real estate property in mind.

Like any other real estate agents, they are also capable of making the deal possible for you, for you to achieve your desired home. Of course, it is all possible with their helping hands. Well, if you are one of those people who want to invest in a real estate property. Below are some reasons why you should hire a real estate agent to help you with some real estate transactions.

1. They will be there for you during the difficult times

This is one of the advantages when you hire a real estate agent; they will help you whenever you have some problems in the process. Also, if you don’t know anything or any idea at all about the problem and its cause, the agents are there to explain and let you understand the situations that you are experiencing. Of course, you also have to know that they are also knowledgeable enough to solve the said problem and still make the deal possible.

Moreover, when you have a good agent, they will take care of your transactions. Of course, with all your consent, and whatever decisions that you have in mind, they will support it and will make some way to make it possible for you to have your dream real estate property.

2. They will help get your house ready for sale in record time

If you are planning to sell your home, hiring a real estate agent can also help you with that kind of matter. It doesn’t matter how old or how new your home is, they will find and make a way for it to sell it successfully to a good and right person. Of course, there are also documents that need attention. That is why, as a home seller, you also have the responsibility to understood how a real estate transaction should work. That is for you not to be ignorant of the things that are going on around you.

Before you can sell your home, your agent will let you know and understand the standard procedure on how to make the selling works. If you agree with the conditions, then it would be better for the both of you to agree in one situation.

3. They know you are busy with work, kids and any other things in your life

One of the many reasons why home buyers want to hire a real estate agent is that they don’t have much time to do some hands-on of their real estate transactions. Of course, if you are a busy person it is impossible for you to focus on the different things at the same time. However, if you hire an agent, they will help you with the things that you want to have. Of course, you don’t have to worry since agents also respect your time and decision whenever there is a need to have some consent from you.

Moreover, agents know how to respect your time and decisions that you have. However, if you think that the agent that you have hired is not doing the right job for you, then you also all the rights to find another real estate agent to continue what you have transacted.

If you are a kind of person who doesn’t want to compromise quality time and money, then making sure of you do, especially when it comes to the decision-making is going to be the best thing you should do. Of course, that is also for you to achieve your desired out without any problems and hassle at all.

The Things You Wish You Knew Before You Moved Out!

One of the most challenging things to do in life is moving out. Agree? Of course, before you can decide to move out, there will be a lot of thinking and planning to make to avoid unwanted situations that might occur in the long run. However, some of you here moved out without some careful planning on what they are supposed to do. Yes, we have already moved out, and then what’s next?

Deciding to move out can also be a crucial decision to make. Sometimes, things will get tougher and tougher when we don’t know anything, especially when it’s about handling property problems. I bet, you will also admit that we usually have headaches just by thinking about what to do with the new home that we have – what to do before, during and after moving out. And yes, we definitely need some help!

A lot of you here have already experience struggling when it comes to moving out. However, you will eventually learn something about how to deal with all those circumstances. Well, if you are one of those people who are still planning to move out, but before you do, here are some things for you to know in order for you to lessen unwanted situations before and after moving out.

1. Make sure you have enough money in your budget for kitchen and household staples

We all are saving some money for our daily expenses – the bills and our food budget, right? However, you should not also forget that there are certain things for your kitchen use and other household staples are important for you to have. You cannot do anything that you want if you don’t have anything to use at all. For instance, you cannot eat or cook if you don’t have any kitchen utensils, right? You will not also be able to rest in your living room if you don’t have any couch at all, etc. It will definitely be harder for you to use your home immediately without the things that you need.

2. Make a budget immediately

You always have to remember that the rent of the property that you moved in may not be the same as your previous home. The rent may be expensive or cheaper than your previous one. That is why, there will be some budget adjustments needed in order for you to cope up with the financial situation that you are in. Moreover, there are also possibilities that the usual savings that you have may still not be enough for your daily expenses. Knowing the cost of living in your new home is important before moving in. That is also for you to be financially prepared and capable to pay your responsibilities.

3. If you have some money left after you move into your new place, don’t use it to buy decorative items (just yet) – save it!

One of the usual things that we do before and/or after we move in is to decorate our new home. Of course, we want our home to be nice to look at, which we can also be proud of. However, if you think that your budget is just right and enough for your daily expenses, then you have to think twice before buying some decorative stuff for your home. Perhaps, you can. Just make sure that you will still have budget enough for you to live a normal life. Also, you can definitely buy some decorations for your home when you already have some money and/or budget for it. Decorations for your home can wait! Don’t force yourself to buy some if you think you still can’t afford it just yet.

Every person has a different story to tell about how they managed to move out and into their new home. And not all decisions that we make is the best option for us, it might not be applicable to the current situation that we have. That is why, it is important for you to know how to handle it, and of course, with the right approach towards the situation.