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8 Tips For Condo Living With Children


Living with children is fun. Their noise can bring life to a new yet empty condo in the city. However, they like running around and touching different stuff in the room. Most of all, they end up making a mess of things even if they did not mean to do it.

Thus, you must know how to live with your children in a condo. If you plan to get two bedroom condominium at Ayala Vertis North, it is not enough to know how to decorate your home. You must know how to make a childproof area. Below are ten tips you can follow for a harmonious condo living with children.

1. Use a dark upholstered couch.

Small spaces constantly use their furniture. Thus, you must use a dark colored sofa to fill your living room. The living room is a busy area as your friends occasionally drop by, children eat and spill drinks, and you and your partner eat dinner and catch up.

With all these activities, the couch can easily get worn. Buy a sofa made of durable material. Canvas, leather, and velvet are some decorative textiles that can take the pressure of daily use. These textiles in dark color are perfect for concealing stains and making the sofa stand out in a small space.

2. Be smart about room assignment.

The largest room at home must be assigned to the kids especially if they have a lot of stuff. Your kids can share the master bedroom while you and your partner can stay in another room. Your children will have more space to play in if they have a room with a wide floor area. Their toys do not have to occupy the place once they realize they have the space they need.

When your stuff and the children’s stuff are in one space, clean up is easier and faster than before. You to switch or transfer from room to room so you can gather all the stuff and place them in their proper storages.

3. Declutter ruthlessly.

A small space can easily get cluttered if you do not purge once in a while. To keep your home in order, you must throw things away. Try not to keep all your children’s artwork. It is not a great idea to store too much paper and other materials in your attic.

If you find it challenging to declutter ruthlessly, you can create a few rules for yourself. You can keep a thing or two per month. Stash only your most special pieces. If you have a keepsake box, go through it every year and reevaluate which are important to you and your family.

4. Lend and donate.

If you do not want to throw away your stuff, you can loan it to a friend or donate it to charity and other organizations that accept donations in kind. Give away the books, clothing, and toys your children outgrew. They no longer need these things.

It is also time to give the infant car seat if your baby is now a full-grown child. Even if you plan to have another baby, it is not a reason for you to stuff your things in the attic. Lend it to a friend with a baby or a neighbor who needs more than you need it.

5. Consider your limitations.

If your space is limited, do not waste it by acquiring the things the things that are not necessary. Do not purchase furniture and fixtures especially if they are not a need. Do not hoard several pairs of shoes if you have a small storage space.

Take note of you and your home’s limitations. If you cannot afford a lot of stuff, then do not purchase the items you will only use once. Spend more time and resources on investment pieces. That way, you maximize your home’s size and space.

6. Opt for chill birthday parties.

Do not buy several items for your child’s celebration. They do not mind the decorations. Instead of spending time and effort on filling your home, use them to focus on the small things such as gifts and food.

Small spaces like condos also are not noise resistant. Avoid ruckus and sounds reaching next-door neighbors by inviting few people as possible. It will minimize the noise from your home as well as the number of guests who will contribute to the chatter.

7. Ensure each item has a storage space.

An organized home has a place and storage for everything. It does not matter how large or small your home is. It stays organized as long as each item has part of a storage solution.

Your things must be in a basket, container, or shelf that serves as its home. It makes clean up much easier during moments of decluttering. It also avoids stacking up or misplacing items during moments of laziness. If there is no room for containers, then you need to get rid of something.

8. Use the outdoor space.

If there’s no space indoors, you can use your balcony. You can use it to store outdoor gear and boots to keep them from clogging your limited indoor space. Utilizing every nook and cranny of your home keeps clutter out of sight.

Life in a condo with children is exciting. Condo living can be stressful at times due to clutter and noise, but you begin to enjoy your home life once you learn to deal with both. Since a condo has limited space, it is best for you to learn how to deal with living in a small area. That way, you can enjoy your life with your children at Vertis North.


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Top Benefits of Living in Townhouses

We all have our dream house. Even if it’s not your current priority, it’s undeniable how you wish to live in a place that can offer you the ideal environment for relaxing after work, spending time with your family and more.

With the drastic boom of the real estate business, it’s no longer a surprise to see towering condominiums being built in the city, offering room spaces for anyone interested. For those who want the convenience of city life but want to settle for a more affordable and community-driven setup of living, then townhouses are great options.

Here are benefits you can enjoy when getting one.

You’re literally a landowner.

Once you purchase a townhouse, you practically own the space as well as the land where the unit stands. Compared to condominiums that only allows you to own the airspace inside, buying a townhouse unit makes the space your own. It’s under your name.

You have access to common amenities in the area, but don’t necessarily have to worry about maintenance.

Townhouses have already evolved through the years. If before they are characterized by a simple community pool or garden, now facility enhancements have been astounding. Wide spaces like a tennis court, gym and even a vacant lawn for all residents to enjoy is present. As a resident of the townhouse, you are always free to access these facilities.

Best thing is, you don’t have to worry much about maintaining the great looks of the place, which you could participate if you want, by the way. The Homeowners Association will take care of it in your behalf.

It’s more affordable than free-standing homes

If you look around your locality, you will realize that there are actually lots of residential options you can choose from. The choices could vary from apartments, condo units, single-standing houses and more. If you compare the price of a house and lot with that of a townhouse, you’ll see a significant difference in the cost.

The former is way more expensive. If you’re looking for best-value properties within the city, then finding available slots like townhouse in Manila for sale is a good choice.

It makes socializing with neighbors easier as you’re all living in a connected property.

There’s no need to walk a couple of blocks just to say ‘hi’ to a new resident. One of the basic characteristics of townhouses is their wall to wall structure. Meaning, one unit is attached to the next and onto the next. The partition wall, of course, differ in quality. But given that you choose a quality townhouse, you don’t have to worry much about hearing the noise coming from the other side.

With residents living closer to each other, it becomes easier for you to communicate with others, hear about the recent news in your community and join activities with a group.

You have direct control on how you wish to design your interior

The homeowners association might be in-charged of keeping the order outside your unit, but you’re in direct control of your place’s interior. You are free to add furniture, do some rearranging and even remodel certain areas in your unit.

Of course, if you plan to repair something, it would be best to inform the other residents near you in case they might be slightly disrupted by the process.

You feel safer.

Lastly, the closeness between the residents gives off this feeling of more safety. You can look out for your neighbor and vice-versa. When something out of place occurs in one unit, you could easily call on your closest neighbor to check it out.

Compared to the more individualistic setup of homes and condo units, townhouses pride itself for nurturing the spirit of community among the occupants.

Your home matters because it gives you the perfect ambiance to wind off after a full day’s worth of work. Choose a place that does not only let you enjoy solitude but also keeps you coordinated with the people around you!

Ayala-led IMI doubles 2013 net profit to $10.5M



MANILA, Philippines — The Ayala-led Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. (IMI) nearly doubled its net profit in 2013 to $10.5 million, as strong business expansion in Europe and the Philippines allowed the company to defy the global downturn in the global electronics outsourcing industry.

IMI, a leading worldwide provider of electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and power semiconductor assembly and test services, grew its net profit in 2013 on the back of a 12.6-percent growth in revenues to $745 million. Comparative net profit in 2012 was at $5.6 million.

“Our diversification strategy has afforded us extensive global footprint, amplified technical capabilities, and wide-ranging customers, so that despite several challenges we realized higher revenues with corresponding profitability,” IMI president and chief executive officer Arthur Tan said in a press statement on Thursday.

IMI grew its income and margins despite subdued global economic growth in 2013. As such, it outperformed the decline in worldwide electronic equipment production and global electronics outsourcing industry.

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