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Which Room Design Suits your Personality?

We all do have our own room. Whether you are living in a condo unit or any Tagaytay properties, we all have our own personal room. Who doesn’t have one? Well, having your own room is one of the important things to have for your own privacy. And a privacy is essential to every human being.


Of course when we have our own room, we want to have it the way we want it. We arrange and decorate our rooms to whatever style we want that suits our personality. Because when we like the designs or the decorations of the room, we will be proud and want to stay in our room. If you are a person who really into decorating and transforming your room into a lovely one, you might try to have these cool room that might also fit your personality. And if you are still planning to transform your room to whatever you like, here’s your chance to peek into these rooms and see if these rooms matched your personality.

Caribbean Room Design


This room is suited to the people who just can’t get enough with water. Whether you are a diver, swimmer, surfer and or other people who just love the sea, this is one of the designs you might try to apply in your room. With light blue water, sea creatures, and other things that can be found in the sea is just too cool when you also have it in your room. Aside from making you relax, the decorations can also make it appealing to the eyes since it involves nature – the water. It is up to you whether you prefer having wallpaper as your decorations on your wall or an aquarium where you really have to see the actual thing. Actually, you can have both if you like.

Asian Room Design

If you are a kind of person who just love Asian culture, people and other things that depict Asian countries, you might want to try these Asian room designs in your own persona room. Basically, it involves nature – Cheery blossoms, bamboo trees and sometimes, ancient people. Usually, people who love having this kind of design wants to experience the Asian culture which we sometimes find it hard to travel, given some circumstances that may occur. That is why; it is an advantage when you have this design since you can already go to other places though it may just be in your own room. Just try to imagine that you are really actually there.

Sports Room Design

Who says designing your room with sporty stuffs is only for boys? Nope, because there a lot of men out there who are really into sports also designed their room to whatever sports they like. Of course, when it comes to boys or men, decorating their rooms are just minimal. No less, no more, just enough. Girls who are into sports also designed their rooms with sporty stuffs. Perhaps, they just can’t get enough playing. And also, you can also have miniature of people playing sports as one of your decorations. It will also add beauty to your room.

Ancient Room Design


Yes, of course! There are still people who love to collect and even have their own room decorated with ancient stuffs. Perhaps, they just love the beauty of the ancient things that are usually and gradually gone since we are now in the modern era. And don’t you know ancient things are more expensive than the high tech things we already have today? Well, we can say it is also one of the perks who just love ancient things and can afford to buy and have one.

Otaku Room Design

Ok this! I don’t know if most of you can relate, but I know otaku or a person who is really into anime can definitely relate to this. Collecting anime stuffs, be it bags, miniatures, cards, keys, posters and other things for as long as it has an anime in it is one of the things otaku usually do. So basically, what you will see in an otaku room is, of course, stuffs all about anime. Who cares, it is your own room anyway, design it whatever you want. There are also an otaku that are minimal when it comes to decorating their room, they just want it to be simple yet with an anime touch in it. Well, it is nice and neat to look at.

Minimal Room Design

There are just people who hate overly decorated room. They just want simple, neat and organized room. Basically, what we see in a minimal room are just a bed, chair, and his personal stuffs. No less, no more. Usually, businessmen and professional people prefer having this kind of design. Perhaps, they don’t want any distractions on their eyes.

Girly Room Design


Teenage girls would love to have this kind of room design. They will surely love to have a colorful room with other decorations they want to have to add up beauty in their room. So basically, what we will see in a girly room design are usually the things they like. Like their favorite color will be the color of their room and their favorite things will be the things that we will see inside their room. Their place, their room, it is a girl stuff.


4 Heartwarming Things to Do to Surprise Your Partner

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Couples all over the world are excited to celebrate that special day with their loved ones. Most of the couples would celebrate Valentines in fine dining restaurants, and others would prefer celebrating it in their condo Philippines.

valentinesday (1)

There are a lot of things that comes to our mind. What will we both do on that special day? What will I give to him or her? I hope there will be no fights on that very special day. These questions usually bother most couples, especially when they are into a romantic way of showing their love for each other.

With these questions bugging, most couples tend to forget that there will always be surprises even when you do it in a simple and heartwarming way. Your partner will definitely not mind what gift or surprises you give for as long as he or she can feel the love in it.

Now if you really are doing special things to your partner, you might want to apply these simple yet heartwarming tips.

Decorate your walls with pictures of both of you

We all know couples usually have pictures of their moments together, taking selfies here and there with your partner is one of the things they mostly do.

You might want to make a wall decoration out of those pictures. You just have to select the pictures that you want, gather it and place it on the wall. You can also do some decorations out of it. Be creative. Place it in a way you think your partner will love it.

It is easy for you to do it on your own since all you have to do is to select pictures that are fun, gather, and place it on the wall, and you don’t need to bother about the cost because it’s cheap. And to make it more romantic, you can have some add-ons like candles, etc. Whatever you like.

Give him/her a love letter


Who says writing a love letter is not an in anymore? Yes, it may be an old school thing but, don’t you know your partners would definitely want to read your letter over and over again?!

There will always be the perks of writing a love letter. There are couples who are not that showy enough on their love for each other; and that they prefer writing it down. Writing love letters to your partner is also helpful, especially when you want to be cheesy in telling him or her about what you feel in which you find it awkward telling it in person.

Be sweet. Even though he or she already knows that you love him or her, tell them again. Write it down and tell them again and again how much you love them. It is ok to be cheesy.

Let me just remind you, communication is always important. Even though you usually write love letters to him or her, there will be no better understanding through good communication. You can do both actually, impress your partner. Make and effort and they will surely love and appreciate it.

A surprise bouquet of flowers and chocolates

Saying “I love you”, and giving of a bouquet of flowers and chocolates are one of the sweetest things one can give and receive. It will never be old enough to give these sweetest things to your partner. Like giving a love letter, your partner will also love to receive these simple gifts of yours.

Well, you must also be careful about the things she likes for you to impress her more. Like, what kind of flower she particularly wants, the color, the smell and the taste of the chocolate. If you are on a budget tight, a simple flower will do. And another thing is knowing her dislikes to avoid giving or doing the things that she hates.

Actually, you don’t need to buy her costly things, impress her with your effort. Remember Jennifer Lopez’s song, “My Love Don’t cost a Thing”? That is the beauty of the true meaning of love.

Simply be with him or her

There is no more comforting thing to have than to be with your partner’s side. Sometimes, you don’t need to do something just to impress your partner, they just want to be with you for a day or two is already enough for them. Letting them feel that you are always there beside them whenever they need you is enough to make them feel loved.

You can both do a lot of things together; helping in the kitchen is one. You can also have wine and spend the time chatting, or one can massage his or her back. It is just a simple act, but it means a lot to your partner.

5 Things Every Condo Buyer Must Consider

Hands up if you are one of the people who are planning to buy a condo in Philippines


Buying a condo is not as easy as buying a piece of cake at the store, there are things that you need to consider and reconsider in buying one. Being meticulous in choosing the right condo is also an important thing to do for you not to regret later.

The Budget

Ask this to yourself, do I have enough money to buy a condo?

It is the right of the buyer to know the price of the condo whether they can afford it or not. If the condo you really want to stay is expensive enough for you to pay, do not force yourself to buy that particular condo. Even though you have a stable job, there are still a lot of things that needs to be prioritized. 

You also have to consider the budget for the electricity bill, the water bill and other bills that you have to pay. Being wise is a must when it comes to your budget or money matters for you to avoid any problems in your future stay in the condo.

The Accessibility

Ask this to yourself, is it convenient for me living in that place?

Do not choose a condo that is far from your workplace, from the malls, from the markets and from the other places where you mostly go. It will really be difficult for you when you want to go somewhere, especially when it is an emergency yet you are too far from the place where you need to go. You have to consider whether it is easy to go to the different places from the condo where you want to stay.

Easy transportation is also one of the things you have to consider in choosing a condo. Especially when you are a commuter, you have to know whether the transportation in going to the places from the condo is accessible and hassle free on your part.

The environment

Ask this to yourself, do I like the settings of the condo and the people who are also living in there? Or am I safe to live in that condo?

When you think safety is compromised, don’t pursue to buy that particular condo. Even though you think that you want to live in that condo because it is nice, yet you are not sure whether if it is safe for you and for your families, and especially when you have kids to stay in that condo, do not compromise your safety and for them as well.

You have to consider the settings of the condo, whether the condo is properly constructed and not easily be destroy when an earthquake happens or is it along the highway where crossing the streets is dangerous. You have to think of the safety for you and for your families.

The service

Ask this to yourself, do I like the treatment they give to me to whatever I’m concern with? Or are they just treating me or other buyers like a crap?

Admit it! We are persuaded when the agents of the condo treat us as buyers or customers in a friendly and nicely way. We like it when they are approachable when we need their help. Of course, who would like to be treated like a crap by someone you barely know?

When you meet or notice that the services from the agents or the staffs of the condo give to you is rude, you have to reconsider their offer on buying their condo. You don’t want to be rude and create a heated argument with them in the future since you don’t like the way they treat you.

Well, you can just ignore rude agents or staffs and treat them back nicely instead. That if you really want to buy and live in that particular condo.

The level of Satisfactory

Ask this to yourself, am I satisfied with the overall quality the condo have? Or will I feel happy and contented if I’m going to buy that condo?

Assessing and assuring yourself whether you’re satisfied or not can sometimes be critical. Sometimes, it will be your dilemma whether to pursue the buying of the condo or not. Well, it is really up to you to decide on that matter.

Also, assessing the condo from the accessibility, the price, the environment and the services they give to you as a buyer can help you decide something for the future.