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Why Do We Need To Thank Our Real Estate Agent


Most of the successful real estate investments are usually done with the help of a great real estate agent. Agree? Realtors are the ones who will guide you in the process of the transactions. And whether you are planning to invest in Park Point Residences, they are willing to help you achieve the desired home. And that is one of the many reasons why are should thank them for their hard work.

Generally, not all realtors are excellent on their field. Some of them are terrible when it comes to handling their clients and closing the deals. Again, a successful business transaction is when you can have a great realtor who knows better on his/her work. If you are one of those homebuyers who have realtors that are effective enough to handle such investments, then below are some reasons why we should thank them.

They will be there for you during the difficult moments

One of the duties of a realtor is to guide you on the things you need to do when investing in a real estate property. Of course, some of us don’t know or don’t have any idea about it at all. As a result, there are sometimes we tend to be in a situation that is too hard for us to decide. Perhaps, you just don’t understand what you need to do in order to achieve a desirable outcome.

However, if you have a great real estate agent, they will help you on the things that you need to understand. If there are words or terms that you are confused with, then they are willing to explain what it is all about.

They will help get your house ready for sale in record time

If you are planning to sell your home, then you should hire a realtor. This is also one of the duties of a realtor. They know how they can make your house available and ready for sale in just a short period of time. Of course, this is also one of the things you should be thankful. Without them, then it might be difficult for you to compete with the other home sellers in the market.

Moreover, realtors are also there to guide you on what to do to make sure that your home is going to sell. Of course, they will also help you when it comes to handling homebuyers. They make sure that it is going to be a smooth process when it comes to the transaction.

They know you are juggling work, kids and all the other parts of your life

Most of the homebuyers are busy people. Some of them don’t even have time to do the transaction personally. That is why they need to hire some realtors to make sure that they are still going to achieve their desired home. When in times that you are too busy, your realtor are also busy making sure that you will definitely achieve what you want in life. Of course, this is also one of their duties as a real estate agent.

Moreover, they make sure that as much as possible they can make the transaction successful with fewer hassles on the part of the homebuyer. If there is anything they want to clarify with you, then they also make sure that they cannot disturb you in whatever things you are busy with.

They will send you helpful data about your home long after you’ve closed

Not all real estate would continue after closing the transaction with you. However, if you have a great realtor, they don’t just end the relationship between you as a buyer and as your agent. They will still continue to send helpful date about your home. Of course, those data they gave will sure help you a lot, especially when you want to learn more about your home.

And this is one of the things you should be thankful when you have a realtor that is good enough to extend their services even after you’ve closed the deal. That only means they value you as their client. Well, they also see to it that all the things that interest you will also be included with the data they gave to you.

Again, not all agents are good enough to close a satisfying deal. And if you happen to hire one, then there are so many reasons why you should be thankful that you are one of those lucky clients who made a successful real estate investment.


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Effective Tips: How to Keep Your Utility Bills Down

One of the main problems most homeowners face is their utility bills. Sometimes, it is too late for us to realize that almost half of our paycheck is going towards the utility bills. You can’t buy something good for yourself since you need to pay your bills first. If you don’t, then it is definitely going to be another problem to face. Who would not be frustrated with that? I bet, you can be one of them to facing such situations, especially when getting some disconnections.

For some homeowners, utility bills are not a problem at all. Perhaps, they have some devices that help lower down the electricity. However, paying the bills more than what you earn is going to be a pain on your wallets. And I’m sure you don’t want to experience such all over again and again. Right?

If you are one of those homeowners who are still struggling with it, you can definitely put a stop on it. Basically, it doesn’t matter if you live in Ayala Land Premier condominium BGC or any other real estate properties, you can keep your utility bills down by considering these tips below.

Get familiar with how to measure your home’s energy usage

Whether you realize it or not, each home has its different energy measurement. And if you are not familiar with yours, then you might not know if it eats a lot of energy in one usage. That is why, before moving in or buying a particular appliance, you better make sure that it can save more energy than any other appliances you have. Also, it is also a plus factor when you know how to read the fine print for you to have an idea of how much energy you used.

Compare what they are charging you with now with the bill from last year

The payment of your bills will change from time to time, depending on how you used your appliances or electricity. However, here are just times that you don’t know why or how you have high bills to pay. That means you have to be keen on the things you do. If you think there is something wrong with the meter, then you might as well ask some help to fix that problem. Perhaps, that particular problem is one of the reasons why you are paying too much for it.

Keep track of which season tends to be the most expensive for your household

This is one of the most common reasons why you usually pay high bills. Sometimes, we tend to use more electricity especially when we have visitors in our home. Of course, you don’t tell your visitors to not use that particular thing to save energy. Right? Generally, it is ok. However, it is your responsibility to keep track of those times for you to know why you have paid that particular amount on your bills.

Unplug all the appliances if not in use

If you think that it is ok not to unplug your appliances even you turn it off, then you better think again. And whether you realize it or not, that particular appliance is still working since it is still connected with the electricity. However, you can definitely save big time if you immediately that particular appliance every after you used it. Don’t forget to make it as your habit to avoid unnecessary add-ons to your utility bills.

Turn all the lights off always when not using them

Ok, let’s admit! There are just times that we tend to forget to turn off the lights every time. Perhaps, we are just so engrossed with the things we do or we just merely forget to turn it off. This is definitely one of the basic things you need to remember. Yes, even if turning your lights off is as simple as 123, but it gives a great impact to your bills. We recommend the use of LED lights. You can save more if you use LED lights in your home.

Don’t forget to save water

If you think that you should only consider your electricity, then you’re wrong. Of course, you should also have to pay your water bills. And if you are not that concern enough when it comes to its usage, then there might be problems later on. Moreover, when you save water, you are not just saving money; you are also saving our Mother Earth. So, be one of the concerned citizens for our nature.

4 Basic Rules To Follow When Having a Storage at Home



If you think that it is okay to put things anywhere on your home, then you better think again. It doesn’t matter where you live; be it Abreeza Residences, there is no reason for you not be organized with your things at home. For some people, organizing things might be daunting since they don’t have enough time for that. However, if you want to have a satisfying and healthy living, then you better be organized at home.

Well, if you are one of those people who are having a hard time organizing their things, then below are some things you might want to consider doing at home. Of course, you don’t have to worry that much since it is simple and doable enough for you to do.

  1. One in, one out

One of the reasons why your room is messy since you put so many things on it. If you are planning to put other furniture in your room, you also have to make sure that you have to move one item out of your room to save some of space. Moreover, this is also one way to make things in order without being messy.



However, if you really need to add furniture and you don’t want to move one item to your room, then you better think of other ways you can have it. Well, you can consider storing your things in a cabinet or boxes where it can’t be a bother when you move around space.

2. Start with storage spaces

If you are a kind of person who just loves to collect things or have a lot of furniture at home, you have to make sure that you also have storages for it. For instance, if you love to collect books, then you better have a bookshelf for it. Don’t just put your books anywhere in your home where it can be inconvenient when moving around the house.



Moreover, having the right storage for each of your things is definitely a great idea to be organized at home. This is also one of the many ways you can easier find your things on where you put it. Of course, that will save a lot of your time finding it.

3. You can buy storage, but you can’t buy organization

Some people think that when they buy storages, they can already be organized. Yes, indeed. But it will also depend on how you arrange your things inside the storage box. If you didn’t segregate the important ones from the things that are not that useful for you, then the storages that you have will be useless. When you want to have an organized home, then you also have to be organized on your things. You have to know which things are useful and which are not.



With that, you will also know if there is a need for you to throw or give some things away. Being organized would not depend on what kind of storages you have at home, it will always depend on how you are going to arrange it properly in a neat and clean way.

4. Home storage is made simpler when you label everything

Labeling your storage is definitely helpful to you. Well, it doesn’t mean that you are forgetful enough to know what things are inside that particular storage. That will only mean that you want to be organized in everything you do.



Moreover, this is also one way to make things easier for you to find what you want to have. Rather than spending most of your time finding that particular thing since you forget where you put it.

Basically, labeling your storage is not as hard as you think it is. In fact, it is simple enough for you to do in a minute. You just have to make sure that you are labeling the right storage for as not to make some confusion.

3 Moving Lessons You’d Probably Learn The Hard Way



It is just a natural thing to move out. Agree? People naturally want to live in a place where they can be proud of and live a healthy and satisfying lifestyle. Who would not want that? Well, it really doesn’t matter if you are planning to move into your new condo in New Manila or any other real estate properties in the Philippines, for as long as you can be contented with the things you have at home, then there is nothing to worry about. However, there are just times that there are some unexpected things we mostly encounter while moving in.

Many of us here believe the saying “expect the unexpected.” Yes, cliché as it may seem, but it may be true to some people who decide to move into their new home. They tend to expect something but turns out or ends up the opposite thing. Later on, you will eventually realize that you are learning something out from moving in a hard way. And yes, you are not the only one since there are also people who experience such things.

Well, if you are one of those people who is planning to move into their new home, below are some tips for you to know about moving in and what you should expect. Of course, this is also one way you can avoid troubles later on. And if problems may arise inevitably, at least, you know what you should do to prevent from experiencing such things again and again.

1. It always costs more than what you expect


When it comes to money matter, it is better for you to have some extra money in your bank to make sure that there will be no financial problems that may arise later on. Of course, there are times that there will be some add-ons that you forget to include on your payments, at least, you still have money that can pay for that particular thing. Not just with the down payments issues, there are also times that you need to have or buy some furniture for your home. And if you don’t have any money to buy such, then you definitely have to endure no having furniture at home. And you definitely don’t want that to happen, right? That is why it is a must for you to budget and have extra money for any case of financial emergencies.

Not just with the down payments issues, there are also times that you need to have or buy some furniture for your home. And if you don’t have any money to buy such, then you definitely have to endure no having furniture at home. And you definitely don’t want that to happen, right? That is why it is a must for you to budget and have extra money for any case of financial emergencies.

2. It’s going to take you longer to clean and move the last bits than it did move all the rest of your stuff combined


When moving in, we usually tend to move first the big furniture at our new home. With that, a bunch of small things will most likely end up taking a lot of trips to get into the moving van. Of course, there will be tendencies that you’ll go to have the “tire-of-moving” feeling. To avoid such, why don’t you try packing things into boxes that go with certain rooms and areas so you can make getting it into a new home much easier? Moreover, you can also cut down that feeling by cleaning room by room the month or so before you move, so when it comes to moving day, you’re it will also be easier for you to move the things in each room.

Moreover, you can also cut down that feeling by cleaning room by room the month or so before you move, so when it comes to moving day, you’re it will also be easier for you to move the things in each room.

3. Renter’s remorse is real and can sometimes ruin the first few days of a new place if you let it

There are just times that out from your impulsiveness when it comes to making life decisions, you regret what you chose. Yes, a lot of you here have experienced such situations that you regret moving into their new home. That means, you just realize it in the later part of your stay. Perhaps, you don’t like the people or neighbors around your since they usually do gossip around the corner. Or you just don’t like the place since the noise and other pollutions are definitely visible to the place where you live.

Hence, it is paramount for you to make sure you are choosing the right property before investing it. Well, if you can find one, you better think again and again if you like or if it’s worth the living or not. It is a must for you to know to make sure that you won’t regret any of your decisions later on.