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10 Obvious Things on Living Alone but Nobody Tells You About

Ok, let’s face it! Not all people like living alone. And the thought itself gives them chills. For some, it’s quite hellish to do things on their own without getting any help from their families and/or friends. Yes, living alone may be a lot more new experience, especially for people who are first timers and are not used to it. However for some, living alone is one of the many ways that gives them the freedom to do whatever they want to do in life.

There are actually a lot of things to think of when you decide to move out and live your life alone. And most of the times, we think about what will happen when we finally moved in – the rent, groceries, home decorations, and other bills. However, have you ever thought about, or does someone tells you about the things that you will most likely experience while living alone? I bet, none!

These 10 things mention below may be obvious, but we tend to skip and don’t mind about it at all since it is just simple and ordinary things. But mind you, this might be to your advantage or disadvantage.

1. Nobody cares about what you eat

Living alone means you already know how to choose whether your food is good for your health or not. You can already decide what you want to eat for dinner, plus nobody will reprimand you about eating crackers for lunch. Well, that unless you tell your families and friends that you’ve been eating unhealthy foods.

2. There’s nobody to hand you towel when you forget it

One of the most annoying things to experience is forgetting to bring your towel whenever you go shower. You’d definitely hate it when you got to be naked just to get your towel. Well, it’s either you better get used to it or you have to mind your forgetfulness.

3. There’s nobody will give a helping hand on closing your back zippers.

The moment you decide to live alone, you better start practicing in closing your back zippers since nobody will do it for you anymore.

4. Naked time is anytime

When you feel like the weather is not cooperating with you, there’s definitely nobody will get panic and reprimand you for seeing you naked!

5. Nobody knows when you eat lots of unhealthy foods
Cravings strike any time of the day. And when you feel like eating, nobody is there to count the calories that you have already eaten and tells you to stop eating it!

6. The household chores are all yours

Washing the dishes, doing your laundry, cleaning and decorating your home, you better not be lazy in doing those chores if you don’t want to see a messy home.

7. You learn how to talk to yourself

Setting aside gadgets and all, and considering the fact that you are alone, nobody is there to talk with you. Well, you will just realize one day that you already know how to talk to yourself.

8. Nobody cares about you burping and farting out loud

Now you won’t feel embarrassed burping and farting out loud since nobody can smell your fart or your loud burp, but you.

9. Nobody cares if you sleep all day

If you don’t feel like doing anything at all, or you don’t want to go somewhere, you can definitely do all of those things. And even if you sleep all throughout the day, nobody will reprimand you for being lazy.

10. Your bathroom stays clean longer

Yellow stains on the bathroom floor? Empty sachets? Worry that no more! Since you are now living alone, you can definitely guarantee that your bathroom will stay clean longer than living and sharing your bathroom to someone else.

The Things You Wish You Knew Before You Moved Out!

One of the most challenging things to do in life is moving out. Agree? Of course, before you can decide to move out, there will be a lot of thinking and planning to make to avoid unwanted situations that might occur in the long run. However, some of you here moved out without some careful planning on what they are supposed to do. Yes, we have already moved out, and then what’s next?

Deciding to move out can also be a crucial decision to make. Sometimes, things will get tougher and tougher when we don’t know anything, especially when it’s about handling property problems. I bet, you will also admit that we usually have headaches just by thinking about what to do with the new home that we have – what to do before, during and after moving out. And yes, we definitely need some help!

A lot of you here have already experience struggling when it comes to moving out. However, you will eventually learn something about how to deal with all those circumstances. Well, if you are one of those people who are still planning to move out, but before you do, here are some things for you to know in order for you to lessen unwanted situations before and after moving out.

1. Make sure you have enough money in your budget for kitchen and household staples

We all are saving some money for our daily expenses – the bills and our food budget, right? However, you should not also forget that there are certain things for your kitchen use and other household staples are important for you to have. You cannot do anything that you want if you don’t have anything to use at all. For instance, you cannot eat or cook if you don’t have any kitchen utensils, right? You will not also be able to rest in your living room if you don’t have any couch at all, etc. It will definitely be harder for you to use your home immediately without the things that you need.

2. Make a budget immediately

You always have to remember that the rent of the property that you moved in may not be the same as your previous home. The rent may be expensive or cheaper than your previous one. That is why, there will be some budget adjustments needed in order for you to cope up with the financial situation that you are in. Moreover, there are also possibilities that the usual savings that you have may still not be enough for your daily expenses. Knowing the cost of living in your new home is important before moving in. That is also for you to be financially prepared and capable to pay your responsibilities.

3. If you have some money left after you move into your new place, don’t use it to buy decorative items (just yet) – save it!

One of the usual things that we do before and/or after we move in is to decorate our new home. Of course, we want our home to be nice to look at, which we can also be proud of. However, if you think that your budget is just right and enough for your daily expenses, then you have to think twice before buying some decorative stuff for your home. Perhaps, you can. Just make sure that you will still have budget enough for you to live a normal life. Also, you can definitely buy some decorations for your home when you already have some money and/or budget for it. Decorations for your home can wait! Don’t force yourself to buy some if you think you still can’t afford it just yet.

Every person has a different story to tell about how they managed to move out and into their new home. And not all decisions that we make is the best option for us, it might not be applicable to the current situation that we have. That is why, it is important for you to know how to handle it, and of course, with the right approach towards the situation.

What’s the best thing about owning a home?

Some of you here might not be convinced of owning a home. You can have a good and comfortable place to stay even if you just rent, anyway.  And aside from the satisfaction you can get, you don’t have any problems if you want to move out of the property that you are staying. Why own when you can rent a home – which is way cheaper than buying one. Right? Well, if that’s what you think, then better think again and again!

For some people, owning a home is their biggest nightmare. While for some, it is the fulfillment of their dreams. Basically, whether you are going to rent or own, there will always be a monetary involved. And investing in Manila properties can be one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life.

When you think of buying and owning a home, it is just a norm for you to think about it a million times. However, there will always be best things you can ever get when you own one. Well, homeowners can definitely testify why owning a home is the best choice that you will ever make.

You can decorate exactly how you want your home to look.


The fun part of owning a home is that you can definitely decorate and/or design your home exactly the way you wanted it to be. Of course, it is your home, you have all the rights to change or renovate the things that are needed to be changed. Moreover, you will no longer worry about your landlord getting upset about the change that you have done to the house. Owning your home allows you to create a home without getting permission to the other people.

You have the leeway to do something that you would always love to do


When you are living in your own home, you will definitely feel at home. Who wouldn’t? You don’t need to be hesitant on the things that you want to do. If you want to throw a party in your home, you can definitely make it happen. Or even watch a movie from morning until evening, nobody will reprimand you since it is your home, you can do whatever you want to. However, as a homeowner, you also have to be responsible with your actions.

You have a great sense of security and privacy


One of the basic needs in our life is the safety and privacy. Agree? Yes, some of you might feel secure and have their own privacy even if they are just renting a home. However, the privacy and the security that you have is not that tighter than living and owning a home. You will know when whether you are living in a place where there is a high security since you will notice security guards that will roam around the premises of the place. Of course, they will see to it that there is no suspicious person that gets inside the community.

There is that feeling of pride for the accomplishment, not everyone can achieve.


Considering the fact that we are paying a lot of monthly dues, daily expenses and other things that we need that uses our savings, owning a house is definitely one of the best feelings that we can ever have. Of course, not all can achieve and/or reach that kind of goal in life. It is a long term plan for a long term achievement for the betterment of our future.

If you are still confused on whether you are going to purchase and own a home, then this is the time for you to reconsider the decision that you are going to make. You don’t know, this might be the breakthrough of your life.

5 Flower Arrangement Disasters you Probably Doing

Arranging different flowers into one vase is not just about putting them all together, it is also an art. Agree? Well, you better do because flower arranging is really an art!  Yes, the finished product of arranging is beautiful, and you can always integrate the idea in your condo in BGC or anywhere else for that matter.

However, have you ever wonder how to make it more fascinating to look at? Arranging might seem simple for the people to look at, but it is definitely not!

While other people can definitely pull off the design that they want through flower arrangements, there are also some of you here are interested to know and learn about flower arrangements. Well, it is a skill which you can definitely learn just be looking at some people who are used to this kind of art.

Well, if you are one of those individuals who are into flowers and want to take it to the next level, then here are some tips for you to apply for you to have the desired flower arrangements. Of course, it is simple and doable enough for you to apply.

1. Using too many kinds of flowers

There will be hundreds to thousands of flowers that you can choose from; however, it doesn’t mean that all of the flowers that you want to have is allowed to be included in one arrangement. You have to remember that there will definitely be some limitations on to how many flowers in one arrangement. Also, you have to make sure that the flowers that you include complementing each other.

2. Overly mix-and-matching

We all know that each of them has their own unique features. They differ in color, shape, texture, and other visible features. If you want to focus on one particular arrangement, you have to make sure that the flowers that you choose compliments with the other flowers. If you want to have a red rose and wanted to include other flowers in one arrangement, then you have to have a flower that also has a red accent on it.

3. Loosely arranging blooms

When making a flower arrangement, you have to remember to do the “cluster.” If you know how to pull off a few elements together in groups of three, then it will be definitely lovely to look at. Moreover, try positioning the cluster at the edge of your vase for added wow factor. Surely, it will naturally draw your eye and attention.

4. Cutting the stems straight

If you are planning to cut the stems of the flowers straight, then don’t! Cutting it straight would not be stylish and nice to look at. Well, if you want to achieve your desired flower arrangements, then you have to cut the stem on a bias. You can play with it by giving your stems and creating a ‘straw-like’ hydration system and ensures no bacteria that can grow on the bottom of your vase.

5. Not changing the water enough

One of the most important things for you to remember is having the right amount of water in your vase. You have to make sure that the water that you use is clean enough for your flower. Of course, if you use old and dirty water, there are possibilities that your flower will wilt immediately since there are bacteria that are already growing in the water.

If you are willing and serious about learning how to make the flower arrangements, then it is easy for you to learn it when you already know the basics of it. Well, all you have to do is ask some questions on how to do it, and/or do some experimentation on your own on how you can pull a beautiful flower arrangement. As I’ve said, it’s art!