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Open House: Quick Checklist for Homesellers

Holding an open house is a joint effort between the homeowner and the real estate agent. To ensure the success of the affair, they have to work hand in hand and coordinate with each other, decide on common do’s and don’t’s as well as align their goals towards making a profitable sale.

Each has his/her own checklist to follow. The homeseller is usually in charge of the interior and paper works whereas the realtor takes care of the promotional aspect and event implementation.

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How To Prepare For An Open House If You Are A Homeseller

Here is a short list of tasks for the owner of the residence. Apply these tips to better prepare your PH real estate property for public viewing.

  1. Stage it up. Prepping the house for visitors is a number one requirement to all sellers. This pertains to cleaning all the nooks and crannies of your home, removing dirt and dust and eliminating visible clutters to make it look as welcoming and engaging as possible to buyers and prospects. Put some fresh flowers in the living and dining room. Change the window curtains to improve lighting. Add soothing background music on the day of the event. Cleanliness and decorations are major must-do’s to enhance the appearance of your residence. As you cannot control the people who’ll enter your premises, it is then advised to keep all valuables hidden. Lock everything up. Make a quick inventory of the things you have and remember to leave only those that are not as important.
  2. Prep the documents. Having all the necessary transaction documents ready at any time is another must-do for the seller. In this way, should a good offer comes in, you can close the deal in the earliest time doable. Make sure the inspection reports and appraisals are available. If you have major repairs and warranty papers, compile them together. Blueprints of improvements will be a great addition too. Always make it a practice to keep the original copies to yourself and create some photocopies to interested homebuyers.
  3. Have a verification system setup. Just like how visitors’ entries are verified on high-rise condos like Makati condominiums for example, setting up similar ground rules is a must. Remember that these are total strangers who will walk and tour around your home. If they are just five or six people, that’s manageable. If it becomes a crowd of dozens and more, this is where the security risks enter. Have them show some proof of identity like driver’s license for instance. Do not allow use of bathrooms. Anything can happen behind a closed door so prevent any worst case scenario from happening. Tours must be done in teams or pairs. Do not leave a guest alone and on his own.