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Open House: DO’s And DONT’s Of An Open House, Seller’s Point Of View

It is a dream for any homeseller to get his or her property sold at the most promising price within the fastest possible time. This is one of the reasons why majority opt to conduct open house events for their homes.


What Are The DO’s And DONT’s Of An Open House From A Seller’s POV

Identify the DO’s and DONT’s that comprise a successful open house event. Let this be a guide to target a faster and better sale for your property.


  • Leave the hosting responsibility to your agent. Most buyers become uncomfortable when they realize that the owner of the residence they are being shown to is following them and hovering around, breathing at their necks, awaiting their feedback. It creates unnecessary tension to both parties. To avoid this scenario, assign your realtor as the host. Go somewhere else far from the showing.
  • Find a reputable real estate agent. Do remember that he will be your partner during the entire process. It is necessary then to underline the importance of finding someone you can trust and who is well-aligned with your objectives. If you are selling your Makati condo, make sure that he knows the ins and outs of real estate industry as well as him having the skills and experience to make it a success.
  • Stage your residence. Clean every nook and cranny, de-clutter and de-personalize. Bring a homely and natural aroma so they would be inclined to stay longer inside. Impress an inviting and comforting atmosphere in and outside your premises.


  • Expect too much too soon. Just because you scheduled a tour on Saturday does not automatically mean you’ll receive at least ten great offers by the end of the day. Give it ample time. If there is no reasonable offer by Sunday afternoon, assess the points that need improvement.
  • Try to please everybody. This doesn’t apply on home staging alone. It goes the same when it comes to entertaining prospective homebuyers during the said event. Collecting a wide array of CDs in hope pick up their taste in music, hiring a caterer and serving a buffet of food is a definite no-no! Keep in mind that not all visitors have the intention to buy. Others are there out of curiosity and sometimes, to get some free snacks!
  • Underestimate security. Keep your valuables stored in a secure location. Make sure that everybody has credible identification and that their contact information is listed on the visitor log.