Feng Shui Tips: How to Prevent Bad Luck on your Bedroom

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When we talk about bedrooms, it’s given that it is where we usually take our precious rest. We either take a quick nap or a good night sleep. However, if you have a good feng shui bedroom, it doesn’t just give you a good and satisfying rest, it invites you, lures you in, excites and calms you at the same time. Moreover, it promotes a harmonious flow of nourishing and sensual energy. Who would not want that?

Some of you here might wonder and ask if they still have the need to go to a shaman for them to get away with the bad luck that might be in their bedrooms. Nope, definitely not! Achieving the desired outcome doesn’t have to be that hard. It doesn’t matter where you live, be it in Amaia homes Lipa or any other real estate property; you can definitely have your own good feng shui on your bedroom.

In order for you to achieve a good feng shui bedroom, you can definitely use a variety of simple yet practical feng shui tools. And below are some of the examples where you can make use of.

Feng Shui Tip #1: Let go of the TV, computer, exercise equipment or any other gadgets in your bedroom

Believe it or not, electronics or gadgets can definitely destroy the good energy on your bedroom. Of course, these things represent work or stress. Moreover, these things can create high EMFs, which is dangerous to our health. And if you want a complete rest, it is best for you to avoid these things. Well, if you are a kind of person who just wanted to have an entertainment, then you better choose books rather than these gadgets. You can put these things on your living room, but not in your bedroom.

Feng Shui Tip #2: Open the windows often or use a good quality air-purifier to keep the air in your bedroom fresh and full of oxygen.

A good bedroom also has a good window. Your windows play a big role on your bedroom. You cannot have a good feng shui in your bedroom if the air you breathe is full of pollutants. Open the windows in order to have a good circulation of the air. However, if you think that the air outside is also polluted, then you might as well use a good quality air-purifier. With that, you can still have a good clean air.

Feng Shui Tip #3: Use soothing colors to achieve a good feng shui balance in your bedroom

Balancing the color in your bedroom is also an important factor to consider for you to achieve a good feng shui on your bedroom. The color that you choose with a balanced décor promotes the best flow of energy for a restorative sleep. And in choosing the right color, you have to make sure that it also suits your personality. Well, light color schemes are advisable.

Feng Shui Tip #4: Choose your bedroom art wisely, as images carry powerful energy

If you want to have good vibes on your bedroom, you should not put a creepy wall décor or any other decorations that are not that pleasant to look at. When decorating, you have to carefully choose decals that can give you a positive energy. Positive quotes on your wall, for example, can give you some encouragements all throughout the day.

Feng Shui Tip #5: Have several levels of lighting in your bedroom, or use a dimmer switch to adjust the energy accordingly.

The light is our number one nutrient and one of the strongest manifestations of energy. A good light can bring a special energy. When you use candles, for example, they don’t just give you a light but also, it gives you a very intimate, warm and healing atmosphere. Candles are also known to be the best feng shui bedroom lighting.

Feng Shui Tip #6: Follow the 3 basic feng shui guidelines for your bed. Your bed must be:

1. Your bed must be easily approachable from both sides, 2. It should have two bedside tables (one on each side), and 3. Avoid having the bed directly in line with the door. If you can follow these simple feng shui guidelines, you will create a good atmosphere on your bedroom. And don’t forget a good mattress, it also matters. You’ll definitely achieve a good and satisfying outcome when you have a well-balanced and “good looking” bed on your bedroom.


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