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7 DIY Decorations that Brightens up Your Wall

Hands up if you are sick and tired of having a dull, lifeless and boring room with no decorations at all. How do you like having that? Well, if you just have a house and lot, condo in the Philippines or even just a space, as long as it has a wall that you can decorate on, do some transformations – and then you’re set.


Thinking of what wall decorations that fit your style or your personality can make our head hurt. There are actually a lot of wall decorations that we can choose, but the problem is – if we like the style of the wall décor. Here are some styles of wall décor that you might like to do it on your own and apply it to your room.

Colored pencils as wall décor

This is one of the unique styles of decorating your room. If you have a collection of colored pencils, you might consider decorating this kind of DIY wall décor. Simply arrange the colored pencils into its color to make a beautiful arrangement. If you want this kind of wall décor yet you don’t have a collection of colored pencils, you can buy cheaper colored pencils for you to make it as a wall décor.

Frames as wall décor

Having frames as a wall décor is a typical decoration people usually have. To make it more stunningly beautiful and pleasant to the eyes of the person watching it, you might also have frames as a wall décor with a twist. You can arrange it like a clock, a pyramid shape, a tree or any forms that you like.

Inspirational Messages as wall décor

Waking up in the morning and the first thing you see are the inspirational messages on your wall can energize your day. Of course, it is always up to you whether you replace it with another inspirational message every day. It can inspire you to do better each day plus it is also pleasant to the eyes.

Masking tapes as wall decor


It is a cheap and easy to do wall décor. You can use masking tapes and cut it into the shapes whatever you like. If you want to have it uniformly made, make sure that the size and the distance are all equal. But if you like it abstract, you can have it whatever size and shape you like just make sure that it is not that messy to look at.

Colored papers as wall decor

Like colored pencils, you also need a lot of colored papers to make it a wall décor. You can cut and form it into shapes you want and stick it to your wall. It is colorful and lively to look at. If you are a girl, you make it more girly and use bright colors. And if you are a guy, you can make shapes that suit you or your hobby. Cut it, style it and paste it.

You can also hang the colored papers that were cut into shapes in the strings. You can make it a wall décor or curtain.

Posters of Anime as wall decor


If you are an avid fan of anime, you can customize your wall by putting up a poster of your favorite anime character. You can put the poster on the canvas to make it like a customized canvas, you can also put the posters in frame for a nice and neat look, or you can simply put the poster in your wall. You will definitely be inspired just by looking at your favorite anime character.

Wallpapers as wall decor


This is the easiest way to decorate you wall. If you like something that is more stylish yet complicated to make, wallpapers are the one you need. There are a lot of wallpaper styles that you can choose. All you have to do is have the wallpaper that you like and then glue it on the wall – and then you’re done.