Rules: What Not to Do in Home Organizing

Whether you agree with me or not, one of the most tiring and challenging things to do is organizing and/or arranging the things we have at home. Some of you here find it easy, but for some, it is one of the most difficult tasks they need to do. Exaggerating? Mm, maybe not. There are just some people who don’t like arranging things since they don’t have any idea on how to do it at all. Well, I do, sometimes.

Not knowing what to do is a normal thing to experience, since not all of us can pull off the desired outcome. However, it is not a reasonable excuse for you not to properly arrange and/or organize the things in your home. And as a homeowner, it is a must for you to learn more about it. Well, it’s a good start when you have some ideas.

For starters, fret not! Even if you don’t like anything related to arranging, you can still do it without any hassles at all. Just make sure that you know the basic rules. Eventually, you will realize that arranging and/or organizing your things at home is not as bad and hard as you think it is.

Not choosing the right focal point

When arranging, never underestimate the power of a focal point. This gives the particular furniture to stand out from the rest of the things around the house. Whatever your focal point is, you have to make sure to stick with it and arrange your furniture around it. You have to know how to play with the furniture around your focal point, whatever your arrangements are, it will still look good.

Pushing furniture against the walls

One of the misconceptions people usually make is pushing and having their furniture against their wall to save some space. Yes, the space on your home will dictate how far you can pull your furniture away from the wall. And even if you have a small space at home, it is still a no-no for you to do such. Allow a few inches between the backs of furniture pieces and the walls. With this kind of arrangement, it allows your furniture to breath, and it can make the room look a bit bigger.

Not creating a conversation area

One of the must-haves in your house is having a conversation area. Naturally, people should have a space where they can have a good talk with their families and/or friends. If you don’t have a conversation area at home, then where will you let your visitor sit and enjoy their visit? Usually, conversation areas are located in the living room. Well, you have to make sure that there is enough space for everyone.

Not finding the right balance

Balancing the things and/or the arrangements you have at home is an important thing for you to consider. Imagine putting your things in one corner, while the other corner of your house is empty – definitely not a good sight, right? Having the right balance can give you the right choice on where and what kind of furniture you are going to put and/or arrange in that particular space available.

Not considering the traffic flow

It is definitely irritating and annoying when we trip into our furniture, right? Well perhaps, we don’t have enough space for us to pass through. Yes, some of us here have a small house, but it also doesn’t mean that you will not consider the traffic flow on your home. Make sure that you have enough space for people to walk freely without worrying about tripping over the furniture.

Not choosing the right type of light

Observing the right type of light in a particular area is also one of your arrangements you need to carefully consider. You don’t want to put a dim light in your kitchen, right? If you do, then good luck with your eyes – it’s definitely going to hurt you.

Not choosing the right rug

Rugs at home are very useful. However, when we have a lot of rugs that are not on their proper places, then it is also not nice to look at. Moreover, putting a rug in every corner of your home is a no-no, you have to choose where and what kind of rug that fits on a particular place. If you choose the right rug, it will also add beauty to the overall arrangement on your home.


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