Dreadful Nightmares Most Renters/Homeowners Experienced

Sure thing that there are a lot of advantages renters and homeowners have. Not to mention the comforts of their home; be it in the condo Bonifacio Global City or any other real estate, the fact that we have a secure home is one thing that we can be proud of. Although we might have these advantages, there are just times that we can’t avoid being pissed by our neighbors who just can’t get a hold of themselves, and/or even unwanted situations that try to mess up with us.

Generally, most renters and/or homeowners can’t escape with these kinds of situations, since we are not in control of the happenings of our surroundings. Yes, it is beyond our control. There are even some of us here prefer to move out to avoid unwanted events. However, we definitely can avoid them by following these simple yet effective tips when it comes to dealing it.

Your home has been infested with roaches and/or other pests.

Roaches and/or other pests that we see in our home is one of the common nightmares most renters and homeowners have. Of course, we don’t want to have these in our home. Basically, most pests can be found in your drains, in your kitchen cabinets and sometimes even on your bed.

Generally, if you have these pests in your home, perhaps, there are certain areas that are not properly cleaned. And having a dirty area of your home is one of the places most pests love to stay.

However, getting rid of these pests is already possible. You can use insecticides or any other cleaning tools to get rid of them. There are also DIY remedies such as boric acid for roaches and/or vinegar for flies.

Your neighbors are noisy, nosy, or worse

Who among you here have neighbors who have these kinds of personalities? I bet, most of us homeowners and renters experienced a dreadful nightmare when it comes to our neighbors. Of course, not all neighbors have these kinds of personalities. But there is just this one or two of your neighbors who you can’t understand them at all. They can be annoying and irritating when it comes to being noisy, nosy, or with their attitudes that you can’t even imagine.

Generally, as much as possible, stay away from them, especially when they start gossiping. You definitely don’t want to mingle and mess up with that kind of attitude. Moreover, avoid being too familiar with them. If you do, then you might regret it later on. Be friendly, but not to the extent that they are too familiar with you.

Plumbing issues occur

Plumbing issues is one of the hassles we usually experience at home. Of course, you definitely don’t want to experience having a smelly bathroom, or dirty kitchen sink. Basically, one of the reasons why there are some plumbing issues on your home is, perhaps, you try to flush a feminine product, diapers or paper towels. With that, it will definitely make the toilet stuck up.

When that happens, if you don’t know anything about how to fix it, contact a professional to fix plumbing issues. Fixing it on your own without proper knowledge about plumbing might worsen the damage. However, if you know how it works, then you better fix it right away to prevent worsening the damage.

You aren’t getting your deposit back

This is applicable for renters. Deposits are a huge expense for renters. Of course, paying it may not be to our benefit. Usually, most landlords will use your deposit to repair major damages on the property while you stay. However, they won’t particularly fix minor damages such as a tear on a carpet, or fixing or replacing appliances that have worn out over time.

Generally, you could potentially have grounds for a lawsuit if you think that your landlord did not give you the correct amount of your deposit back. And in order for you to pursue it, you should consult a lawyer to have a legal process of fixing how you can get your deposit back.

Your security and safety are in question

Basically, one of the things that most renters and homeowners see to it when they first moved into their new home is whether or not they are safe to stay. Of course, you definitely won’t compromise your safety. Right? When choosing the right place to live, you have to make sure that the security of the property is tight enough for you to feel safe.


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