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Ways to Avoid Roommates with Horrible Attitude

“Man’s nature is not essentially evil. Brute nature has been known to yield to the influence of love. You must never despair of human nature.” – Mahatma Gandhi


By nature, we are all friendly. We tend to smile and make friends with strangers. To some, they even welcome them as their roommates. Whether you invest in a Makati condo for rent or real estate property, there are a lot of advantages when we have someone to share our home with. There will be fun and excitement every day. They can also be your life savior when in times you need them.

However, there are just some roommates that are a total opposite of what you have expected them to be. They might be rude, no manners, horrible, discourteous, inconsiderate, insulting or even worse. Well, for some reasons, you will eventually learn their right color on the later part of their stay. For some, having a roommate is a blessing. While for others, they considered it as a nightmare! To avoid ruining your day, here are some ways on how you can prevent such.

Communication is the key

Communication is one of the crucial factors that you should not miss to do. When communicating, it is a two-way process. For instance, you’re going to talk about a particular issue with your roommate, and he listens. Vice versa. Talking about the problem is one of the standard solutions whenever a problem arises. Yes, you might feel awkward about it, but who cares? You both need to solve the problem immediately to avoid making it worse.

If you think that your roommate doesn’t have any plans to talk about the problem with you at all, then you might want to try initiating it first. You might not know, they are just shy to talk to your first. When you both communicate, you will understand what the problem is and why it is a problem. Of course, if you both understand each other, there will be a harmony between the both of you.

Off-the-record roommates

There are just times that we sense something that is so off when it comes to our roommate. Later did we know that they are an off-the-record tenant (e.g.,. an inhabitant who has not signed a lease of agreement). With this matter, communication might be useful, but make sure that you include the landlord when you talk about the issue. This matter already involves the landlord, since he/she is the one who will decide who gets in and goes out. Of course, you have the right to know how come they are living with you when he/she is not a legal tenant of the house. You are just concern with your safety.

When this happen, and you want to get rid of your roommate, you have to make sure that there will be a written statement declaring that the roommate arrangement has ended should suffice. If not, then at least, provide your roommate with a deadline for leaving, at least 15-3o days from the date of the notice. Just make sure that the roommate receives the document and understands what he/she is reading.

Settle the problem in court

When talks are already not useful, then seeing them in court might help. Usually, courts are the least one wants to do since it is already a hassle on the part of the complainant, and of course, for your roommate. But if there is a need to settle things once and for all, the court is what you need. You just want to hope that your roommate will take the hint and gracefully exit to avoid inconvenience on both parties.

Usually, the court staff will give you a date and time for an eviction hearing, and you must be prepared for the legal documents that you need to present to them. With that, the court will likely grant the petition, and your roommate will have no choice but to leave.

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Home Essentials You Probably Don’t Know You Can Share With Your Roommates

There will always be a great feeling in sharing with our roommates, agree? Moreover, there is also fun when you share something. But since we heard a lot of rumours or stories about having a messy, inconsiderate, and weird roommate, we tend to be hesitant about having and sharing some things with them. It doesn’t matter if you are sharing a room in a townhouse in Quezon City Philippines, you definitely don’t want to share a thing when you have such roommate. Right?

However, if you are one of those people who have shared a room with his/her friends, then there are actually a lot of things or essentials at home that you can share with them. And if you are wondering what things that you can share with them, then you might as well refer to these things below.

Food and beverage


Whether you realize it or not, it is more fun eating when you have someone to eat with you. Agree? How much more if you tend to share your food with your roommates? Your roommates do not just save money for the food, they will also feel that you care enough for them since you are thoughtful enough of giving them food. Of course, that does not also mean that they don’t have enough money to buy their own food. But there will also be a great feeling when it comes to sharing foods with your roommates.

Gas, not the car


It is actually common for most officemates to share a room. So, when it comes to going to and from to work, it is just normal for the both of you to go together, right? Well, that unless there are urgent matters where you can’t go together. However, if one has a car, you can talk about sharing the gas, but not the car, of course. Remember, the gas is still one of your expenses. That is why you also have to decide on how are you going to divide the expenses for the gas.

Appliances and furniture


You definitely don’t want to have a home full of furniture where there are no spaces available left, right? That is why, whatever appliances or furniture you have at home, it is just a norm for you to share it with your roommates. If you have a comfortable couch in the living room, might as well share it with your roommate. With that, you will not have too many appliances and furniture at home.

Kitchen appliances and dinnerware


Just like sharing the appliances and furniture at home, kitchen appliances and dinnerware are also one of the many things you can share with your roommates. Of course, you definitely don’t want to have a lot of microwaves or a coffee maker just for the both of you. Right? Moreover, you are not just wasting your money buying another one, you are also making the space of your home smaller since you have a lot of things for you to put. And I’m sure you don’t want that, right?

Entertainment and media systems



If you don’t want to spend too much on your electricity bills, then you better share with your roommate some entertainment and media systems. Of course, you have to make sure that you have to know who gets to control the remote, or who gets to decide what to watch. With that, both of you will have an agreement on what you should do when it comes to watching or doing some entertainment stuff.

Share subscription


If you are planning to subscribe to a Netflix, then you might as well share it with your roommate. Of course, who don’t want to share when you got to watch movies as long as you want, and as many as you want, right? That is why you also have to make sure to talk about it if you want to subscribe something for you not to use something only for your own.

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