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Etiquette: Surviving a Party

party with the girls

Photo by Levi Guzman

Each party has a specific setup. Some parties are laidback. Others are loud and raucous. The setup of the party depends on the environment. If you’re the type to be socially awkward or shy away from large groups of people, then you can be in a sticky spot during parties. You won’t be able to converse with other people if you aren’t comfortable in the situation. You also won’t be able to enjoy what the host serves on the table if you’re too shy to move.

Whether it’s a small gathering in a condo in Makati or a function near a hall in Sta. Mesa, you can follow the tips below to have a grand time. Social gatherings made for you to enjoy. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to act. These tips will let you know how to act at a party even when you are by yourself.

Introduce yourself to other people

The more you wait to talk to other people, the more you will get cold feet. When that happens, your confidence levels go down. It becomes harder to mingle with others. Once you get to the party, go around and start talking to people. Introduce yourself to those who don’t know you. A simple “Hey and nice to meet you” does the trick. You can continue the conversation by asking if they know other people or they have someone else with them. You can also ask if they know the host. Others will notice you’re friendly and social eventually.

Keep a friendly face.

Don’t just sulk and frown in a corner. No one wants to be in the company of a Debbie Downer. If you’re planning to be the light of the party, you should smile and open yourself to others. Greet other people and go around the area. If you’re feeling a bit down, you should immerse in a light conversation with other guests who are happy to be there. Hopefully, their jokes and good mood can rub on you. Also, part of being friendly is getting into a conversation with people who wish to talk to you. Some people might find you interesting. These people look forward to getting to know more about you so you should be sensitive to see if someone wishes to strike a conversation with you.

Don’t worry about other people.

Remember, everyone in the party is either enjoying the booze, free food, or the company of others. If you’re afraid that you’ll look like a jerk or loser, then you’re just wasting your time and energy. Most people in the party don’t care about what others are doing. In particular, no cares about what you plan to do. With that in mind, you should do whatever you were expecting before you got in the place. Talk to people, try out some snacks, and get plastered. But, these things are more fun when you do them with someone. Be sure to have someone with you first before anything else.

Observe proper etiquette.

Whatever you do, you must always observe proper etiquette. When someone talks to you, you should look at him or her in the eyes. Stand up straight and avoid slouching. Your body language should convey you are open to accepting other people in your space. When someone is talking with you, you should pay attention. It shows that you are genuine and deeply interested in what they are saying. Lastly, you should always remember the names of the people who are talking to you. You can mention their names a few times if you can’t remember a lot of names in a short amount of time.

Select a few people you would like to get to know.

After you talk with several people, you should pick those whose company you enjoy. You only have limited time and energy, so you must use it wisely. It’s best to expend them on the people you love. Try to get to know them better by spending most of your time with them. But in the process, you should not try to blow off other people who try to join the conversation. People are in a party to expand their network and meet someone new. Clamming up and pushing others away can make people think that you aren’t friendly.

Treat people how you want others to treat you

You should follow this rule everywhere you go. Always treat people how you want them to approach you. Talk to them how someone should talk to you. Others don’t want to associate themselves with a rude person. They also don’t want to spend time with someone who doesn’t see or treat them as an equal. If you don’t want other people to call out your rude behavior, then you should always be considerate of how you treat people and how they feel about it.

Of course, not everyone has the social energy to immerse themselves in the experience fully. If you find yourself tired or feeling drained, you should excuse yourself and step away from the scene. After recharging, go back to the party and continue spending time with your new found friends.


Christmas 101: Give Your Party That Holiday Feel

There will always be a lot of activities to think of and do when we talk about December. Agree? Exchanging gifts, Holiday parties, food, wines, friends, families and any other things that you want to do. Of course, Holiday season would not be complete when we can’t do these kinds of stuff. Right? That is why, most of us here are planning on what to do to have fun.

And of course, one of the things that we tend to do is to have parties. And most of us here usually have parties at their respective homes and offices. But do you know that you can hold a Holiday party at a country club? Yes, aside from the usual venue for most parties, country clubs can also have function halls where you can use to hold the event.

Well, if you’re a host of the party, and you don’t know what to do when it comes to holding a party at a country club, then below are some useful Christmas decorating tips to give your party that Holiday feels.


Aside from the built-in lighting found in the function hall, you can also set up your stylish lights on the place. Of course, the more stylish your lights are, the more it adds beauty to the place. Also, good lighting of the place can also ignite people to enjoy and have fun. If you have an elegant themed holiday party, hanging lamps are the usual lights that we tend to see. You can also include a modern lighting setup with brightly colored pipe and drape uplighting. With that, the pleasant it is to the eyes.


The furniture at home is also one of the important things for you to consider. What kind of furniture is best for the venue. If you think that you need a couch, chair or anything that can be of use for sitting, then you might as well think about it before hand. Moreover, furniture like tables, chairs should never be forgotten. Unless you’re planning on having a cocktail party where everybody is going to stand, then having a sofa is more likely to be needed.

Bartop décor

When it comes to parties, one of the usual setup of the place is having a mini-bar. Of course, it is important to have one at the venue since it is where guest and visitors get his/her drinks. And for the guests to appreciate more, try making your bar so enticing that everyone who attends would want a glass of cocktail or wine. Of course, you also have the need to decorate the bar according to the said theme that you have chosen. With that, it will also compliment to the things around the place.

Tabletop décor

Imagine if your table is without any decorations at all. It’s not going to look good, right? That is why, you have the need to know what decorations are best for the table. If you want it to be elegant, then you might add some candles and flowers at the center of the table. With that, it is not going to be boring and lifeless to have. Moreover, the selection of the tables is also one of the things you should consider, whether you should go for a round or a square table.

The venue

Of course, aside from the simple details that you need to consider, you should also not forget the overall decorations for the venue. You have to make sure that the decorations in the place are equally done. With that, it will be nicer to have the place.