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Top 6 Important People To Notify Before Moving Out


Moving into a better home is inevitable. Who wouldn’t want to have a sweet and satisfying home, right? That’s why we tend to move out for a better lifestyle. However, whether you decide to move into a Makati condo for rent, there is still a need for you to notify somebody about your move. Of course, that is to avoid confusions and troubles later on.

Some of you here might not think about it, but notifying is a crucial thing for you to do. Yes, we want to have some privacy when it comes to our personal information. But at least, you should also give a heads up to the people who are important to you. If you don’t, they might have a hard time keeping in touch with you. Telling these people below will ensure that there will be a smooth moving process, which also prevents various hassles and problems in the long run.

1. Family and friends

I’m sure your family and friends are not strangers, right? That means you have to notify them when you move out. At least, if they are planning to visit you in your home, they know where your new home is. Tell them the right address for you to be guided properly without any signs of being lost in the place.

2. Landlord

If you live before in a rental home, then you also have the need to notify your landlord before moving out. Of course, you also have to know if you have some pending monthly payments which you forgot to pay. You don’t want you and your landlord to settle your accounts in the court, right? Yes, some landlords are strict enough when it comes to the paying of bills. Well, you’re lucky if you have a landlord who tolerates with that matter.

3. Current employer

Unless you are just moving into a condo where it is near to your office, then notifying your employer about your move is a must. This is one way your boss can send relevant paper works through delivering it to your doorsteps without any hassles at all. Or if not, there are also possibilities that you need to resign since your place is way far from the office, and there’s no way you can be on time at work. At least, your employer will have an ample time finding a new person for your position.

4. Utilities

Aside from making sure that you have paid your monthly rentals, you also have to make sure you also have paid your utility bills before moving out. Of course, that is to prevent lapses and other past-due bills you have before. Also, you have to inform your service providers that you are moving out. With that, they can disconnect the services you avail if you decide to. Moreover, notifying utility companies that you are moving will give them a head up when it comes to your electricity, water, telephone, cable, internet, domestic waste collection, etc.

5. Financial institutions

Informing that you have a new address to your financial company that you have can save you from having problems when it comes to keeping your finances in order. You have to keep the company updated on your personal information to avoid any financial confusions later on.

6. Government agencies

This is one of the people you should never forget to notify. Of course, you don’t want to have some problems when it comes to your documents, right? Moreover, if you forget to notify them, this might be the reason why you can’t have and avail advantages since you are registered in the other government agency. Make sure to tell them your full information for as not to avoid complications later on.


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5 Signs You Need To Find A New Home


As we all know, there is no permanent in this place – we all change. How much more when we feel that we are already outgrowing our previous home? Naturally, we want to find some other place that satisfies and fits our lifestyle. We don’t want to be stuck in one place where we are already not happy living with it. Right? That is why some of us here are planning to move into their new home in real estate Cebu or any other real estate properties in the Philippines that can make them feel contented.

However, not all people are able to identify the signs that they have already outgrown their first home. And if you are one of those people who feel the same way, then you better check these 5 signs below. Who know? This can help you decide to find a better place for you to live life to its fullest.

You don’t see the point in cleaning the place anymore

Whether you realize it or not, you feel like you don’t want to do some household chore anymore. You feel like being lazy cleaning your rooms and the entire place of your home. You already don’t care if your home is already messy enough for you to live. And if you do not see the point in cleaning your place anymore, then this is one of the signs that you need to move out and find a better place to stay.

You notice every little fault

Have you ever noticed that even a slightest fault or damage on our home, you get irritated and feel like you don’t want to live in that particular house? There are also times that even a small cracked on the wall, you feel like you don’t want to repair it since you don’t care about it at all. When you feel like this, then this is also the time for you to move out. If you are still going to stay in that particular place, then this might not be a good thing to continue with the journey of your life. You also have to remember that if you are happy with your home, it will also reflect who we are inside and out. That is why, if you are not happy with the current place you are in, then find a better place for you.

You constantly stalk real estate online listings

This is one of the most common signs you should not ignore. If you tend to search other properties online, then this is the chance for you to find a better place for you to stay. Moreover, the more you search real estate properties online, the more you really want to move out and be in your new home. Of course, finding a new place to stay is one step you should make before you can decide on what and where you want to live next.

You desperately long to host get-together, but you can’t

Whether you realize it or not, there are just times that we feel like we can’t host a get-together in your home, even if you want to. Perhaps, you are not that proud of having that particular place as your home. Or you are not just comfortable hosting get-together especially when it is held at your home. This is one of the common signs that you are already outgrowing your home and you need to find another place for you to live a satisfying life. Of course, you also have to make sure that you like your new home for as not to regret later on.

You’d much rather spend time away from home

If you are not happy with your home already, you will notice that you don’t like staying at home for too long. You rather spend your quality time or spare time in some other places than your home. And if you feel like this way, you better find a place where you can call it as your home and you can be proud to live with it.

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