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Perks of Residing Near Your School and Work

man walking near home

The students just started this school year, and our ever-hard-working laborers are still working year-round, as usual. For many of us, travel going back and forth to our school and work is such a hassle. Imagine being stuck in traffic and you have a class at 8 in the morning, or have a meeting at 1 in the afternoon. You might have left your house three or four hours earlier, but it just won’t do. Unlike the people who are in a condo for rent in Makati, they don’t seem to have any problem if their school or workplace is just near their place.

To give you more of the mentioned above, here are some of the perks if you are residing near your school or work:

You are well-rested

It means no alarm four of five hours before you need to leave home. Thus you have extra time to sleep. You can do many things at home after school or work. You may be tired, but you still have a lot of time to do whatever you want or gain energy thru having a good rest. Isn’t it lovely?

Less time on the road

Given that the traffic in the Metro, well actually everywhere in the Philippines, brings out the worst in us, you will do anything just to get out of that trap. Having less time on the road is just pure nirvana we are all aiming for. Moreover, you are saving a lot of money and energy if you just live a few blocks away from school or work. You can walk for a few minutes or go bike, a workout that you can do in your daily life.

You can go back and forth to your place quickly

If you accidentally left something at home, you can get it and be back at your school or workplace in a jiffy. You can also spend long breaks at home, be at ease knowing that you can get no traffic. Hooray!

Feel free to invite friends and colleagues to come at your place

If you need to do projects or merely for bonding, you can have your friends and colleagues to come at home. It will be very easy for your group to go since it’s just around your area (school or office). It is also economical to hang out or spend your vacant in a house than renting a hotel, go out to eat at a fancy resto, etc. You can have your people swim (ask permission or sign them as guests) in your condo’s pool and cook scrumptious food at home. Having quality time with friends and at the same time being practical with your choices have never been this easy.

If there’s any emergency at home, you can easily storm your way

You get to your school or office around 10 to 15 minutes of walk, and if there’s an emergency, you could surely fly your way for like 5 minutes or less. Might be exaggerated but the fact the whenever someone needs your help or the like, you can quickly excuse yourself (and it’s reasonable).

More time for yourself and family

Given that you are just a few blocks away, you have less time on the road and more with your family, and to yourself of course. Work-life balance seems easier to do if you choose to live near your workplace or school, or vice versa.

Does it speak to you on a personal level? Well, it’s either a calling that you should consider moving somewhere near your current school or workplace or affirmation that your decision to live in a condo in Makati is an excellent choice. Whatever it is, I hope I was able to showcase the little perks you can have if you reside near your school or workplace.


Tips For Condo Living With A Baby

Living with a baby is both a joy and a challenge. Such a small creature can bring about a total change in how you live your life. Aside from the major changes in your life, your living space will be invaded by baby stuff.

kids condoNo matter what kind of Philippine property you live in, you will feel the huge change in your living space. Even if you live in a house in its own lot and at least semi-detached from the neighbor’s house, you will surely feel this invasion of space; and so much more if you live in a place that has limited space such as a condo in the Philippines.

Below are some tips for living in a condo with a baby.

  • Prioritize. If you have settled in your condo unit for many years already before the baby arrives, chances are you will have to dispose of some of your stuff. You will definitely need to create space for a lot of baby stuff such as the crib or bassinet, clothes drawers, and other baby stuff you might want. The key is to prioritize which ones you will definitely need and make use of the most.
  • Rotate toys. Toys can be everywhere in most houses that have babies and kids living in them. However, a little clutter of toys can make a huge mess in a space-challenged condo unit. Do not bring out all the toys for the baby to use. Put some of them in storage and then keep them in rotation.
  • Look for a playgroup or start one. Most babies and kids will inevitably crave for space to explore. Address this need by going out with your baby as much as you can. You may also look for a playgroup that you can join regularly. If you cannot find any, consider starting one yourself and looking for a soft playground where you can meet other parents and babies.
  • Soundproof. Since units in condominium buildings are only separated by not-so-thick walls, the noise that a baby makes is one of the first concerns. Try to soundproof your unit as much as possible. You can use rubber mats on the walls or along spaces in the doors and windows. No need to soundproof your whole unit, just choose an area or room where you can bring your baby when he or she is fussy and making a lot of noise.