How Make Guests Feel Welcome Whenever They Come Over


It pays to be a good host or hostess. You must know how to care for your guests whenever they visit for a few hours or when they decide to stay over the weekend. For some people, preparation comes easy when they have people come over. However, others still struggle and feel stressed once they find out a childhood friend or a few relatives fly over to spend the holidays. They are at a loss on how to prepare their home.

Fortunately, you don’t have to fuss over the details of what to prepare when guests arrive. Whether you live in a condo or staying at a house and lot for sale in Cavite, here are some of the ways on how to make guests feel welcome whenever they stay over.

1. Prepare for an outdoor gathering

There’s only so much you can do accomplish your home. Eventually, your guests will get bored and look for ways to entertain themselves. If you don’t have anything to do, why not bring the fun outdoors? You can get some outdoor chairs to gather around a low table or a firepit. The table can hold your food and snacks while the firepit can keep you warm during chilly nights. Having an outdoor gathering spot also gives you a place to hang out when drinking coffee or taking evening cocktails.

2. Prepare your meals ahead of time

Spend less time in the kitchen by chopping vegetables and gathering ingredients before you need them. You can store them in containers so you can quickly retrieve them when you need them. You can do the same with appetizers and other snacks.

3. Make it easy to get breakfast

Try not to make breakfast a hassle for everyone. Instead of preparing toast of getting your hands full with a full with preparing a full English, you should go for doughnuts, bagels, and pastries from bakeries or groceries. You can also get single-serving cereals and spreads. These alternatives are perfect for guests who stay up late.

4. Serve lunch buffet style

If you’re having special meals or planning a dinner out, you should simplify your lunch by laying out an assortment of loaves of bread, cheese, and thin slices of meat. Pair it fresh slices of fruits, salads, and small servings of dessert. It’s light but enough to limit your time in the kitchen. Afterward, let your guests help themselves to get their fill.

5. Keep guests satisfied in between activities

You should offer chips and dips, a fruit platter, or a crudite to keep the crowd happy and satisfied. You can set them on a plate or your kitchen counter for easy access. For the health conscious, you can serve oatmeal cookies, oven-baked carrot fries, nuts, and other vegan substitutes. Don’t forget to have a supply of water nearby. It’s best to have bottled water so they can get them on the go.

6. Allow your guests to explore the kitchen

Don’t limit your guests to what’s available. You should let them explore what’s in the kitchen. To make things easy, you can make a list of where to find items in the kitchen. You should also point out where to find plates and glasses. It makes them familiar with your place while having access to your supplies.

7. Set a meetup point

If you are housing a big group or always heading in a different direction, you should set a time and a place where everyone can meet each night to catch up or grab an appetizer before your meal. It gives a chance for other people to meet with other members of the party. Establishing a meetup point is a great way to meet others even when your schedules aren’t in sync.

8. Schedule group activities

Ensure you have activities prepared for everyone. You should have activities lined up for different age groups and the weather. You can schedule a game night if you want to unwind and spend time indoors. You can play badminton, soccer or frisbee if you have enough space in your lawn. If it’s raining or freezing outside, you can exchange stories by the fireplace, solve puzzles, or bring out a big puzzle. Don’t forget to bring out munchies and other snacks that are easy to pass within a group.

9. Be their local tour guide

Always keep everyone within the loop by writing the day’s events and weather forecasts someplace everyone can see. If you have a chalkboard, you should use to write your plans for the day. If guests spend their time by themselves, you should have a spare key ready for them to go as they please. Also, don’t forget to hand out brochures and a map that shows the instructions on how to go back to your home. Still, you can always accompany them wherever they go and show them the must-see sites in your area.

These are the ways on how to make your guests feel at home. You should always ensure they feel comfortable and at ease with your home. Playing a good host or hostess is reasonably easy as long as you follow these tips.


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