Don’t Decorate Your Office Space Just Yet!

One of the musts-haves, when you’re running a business, is the office space. An office is a place where you can do your work efficiently and productively without any nuisances or disturbances from the outside. Moreover, it doesn’t just end up having an office space, a good location also matters. While others are still planning on to what kind and where they can have a proper office, some are already having an office space at up technohub.

But no matter how good your office location is, if you don’t know what to do when it comes to its interior design, it still means nothing. If you don’t know anything about arrangements or any decorations that would convey a corporate and professional working environment, then you better stop. Don’t do anything that can jeopardize the beauty of your office.

Hiring an interior designer would not hurt your pride and money. In fact, they can make your office space look good beyond what you have anticipated. Well, below are some things you can expect them to do when you hire them. Just make sure that they know what you want for your office for them to follow and think about what design that would match your taste.




Your interior designer knows that the lightings are crucial in every office space. Of course, the light is one of the factors that can contribute to our productivity at work. When the installation of the lights is properly done, it eliminates shadows that can cause eye fatigue and headaches. With that, doing our job would be much easier and faster when we have a good lighting. Moreover, interior designers avoid fluorescent lights since they know that it can cause you and your client headaches, which is also one of the reasons why our energy is gradually draining.

Desk placement



Arranging the furniture in the office is not just merely placing things to where they look good. Especially when it comes to the desks, it should have a proper arrangement to avoid some nuisance. You should avoid putting your desk at the back of the door or entrance; avoid having your desk faced on the wall. And if possible, make your desk face perpendicular to the door/entrance. With that arrangement, you will have a good view of everything inside.




Some decorations are definitely not suitable for the office. They are also some that don’t match with the things around them. That means you have to choose the right decorations for your office space. As much as possible avoid fancy decorations that can be annoying to the eyes of your clients. If you want, you can go for minimalist decorations to prevent any distractions to the eyes.
Moreover, make sure that you know what and where to put that particular décor. Don’t put them anywhere. If it needs to hang on the wall, then make sure that it is beautiful and pleasant to look. And don’t forget the color of your decals, make sure they match with the things inside the office.




This is one of the reasons why potential clients are tempted to get into your office. When you have a good lobby, it most likely can convince customers to get in since it catches their eyes. Make sure that your lobby should be reflective of the goals of your brand, it should be spick and span and your lobby should be upgradeable. Don’t just have some lobby for the sake of having one. Make it is as one of the faces of your business or company.




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Whether you realize it or not, the temperature inside your office also matters. It is your responsibility to make sure that it is not that hot, and it is not that too cold for your employees and to your clients. If you think that your office is too hot, then you better have a good ventilation or an AC in the office. With that, having a right temperature will also help us make our work even easier and faster. Moreover, this will also create a safe working environment that allows all to work efficiently and productively.


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