10 Obvious Things on Living Alone but Nobody Tells You About


Ok, let’s face it! Not all people like living alone. And the thought itself gives them chills. For some, it’s quite hellish to do things on their own without getting any help from their families and/or friends. Yes, living alone may be a lot more new experience, especially for people who are first timers and are not used to it. However for some, living alone is one of the many ways that gives them the freedom to do whatever they want to do in life.

There are actually a lot of things to think of when you decide to move out and live your life alone. And most of the times, we think about what will happen when we finally moved in – the rent, groceries, home decorations, and other bills. However, have you ever thought about, or does someone tells you about the things that you will most likely experience while living alone? I bet, none!

These 10 things mention below may be obvious, but we tend to skip and don’t mind about it at all since it is just simple and ordinary things. But mind you, this might be to your advantage or disadvantage.

1. Nobody cares about what you eat

Living alone means you already know how to choose whether your food is good for your health or not. You can already decide what you want to eat for dinner, plus nobody will reprimand you about eating crackers for lunch. Well, that unless you tell your families and friends that you’ve been eating unhealthy foods.

2. There’s nobody to hand you towel when you forget it

One of the most annoying things to experience is forgetting to bring your towel whenever you go shower. You’d definitely hate it when you got to be naked just to get your towel. Well, it’s either you better get used to it or you have to mind your forgetfulness.

3. There’s nobody will give a helping hand on closing your back zippers.

The moment you decide to live alone, you better start practicing in closing your back zippers since nobody will do it for you anymore.

4. Naked time is anytime

When you feel like the weather is not cooperating with you, there’s definitely nobody will get panic and reprimand you for seeing you naked!

5. Nobody knows when you eat lots of unhealthy foods
Cravings strike any time of the day. And when you feel like eating, nobody is there to count the calories that you have already eaten and tells you to stop eating it!

6. The household chores are all yours

Washing the dishes, doing your laundry, cleaning and decorating your home, you better not be lazy in doing those chores if you don’t want to see a messy home.

7. You learn how to talk to yourself

Setting aside gadgets and all, and considering the fact that you are alone, nobody is there to talk with you. Well, you will just realize one day that you already know how to talk to yourself.

8. Nobody cares about you burping and farting out loud

Now you won’t feel embarrassed burping and farting out loud since nobody can smell your fart or your loud burp, but you.

9. Nobody cares if you sleep all day

If you don’t feel like doing anything at all, or you don’t want to go somewhere, you can definitely do all of those things. And even if you sleep all throughout the day, nobody will reprimand you for being lazy.

10. Your bathroom stays clean longer

Yellow stains on the bathroom floor? Empty sachets? Worry that no more! Since you are now living alone, you can definitely guarantee that your bathroom will stay clean longer than living and sharing your bathroom to someone else.


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