5 Flower Arrangement Disasters you Probably Doing

Arranging different flowers into one vase is not just about putting them all together, it is also an art. Agree? Well, you better do because flower arranging is really an art!  Yes, the finished product of arranging is beautiful, and you can always integrate the idea in your condo in BGC or anywhere else for that matter.

However, have you ever wonder how to make it more fascinating to look at? Arranging might seem simple for the people to look at, but it is definitely not!

While other people can definitely pull off the design that they want through flower arrangements, there are also some of you here are interested to know and learn about flower arrangements. Well, it is a skill which you can definitely learn just be looking at some people who are used to this kind of art.

Well, if you are one of those individuals who are into flowers and want to take it to the next level, then here are some tips for you to apply for you to have the desired flower arrangements. Of course, it is simple and doable enough for you to apply.

1. Using too many kinds of flowers

There will be hundreds to thousands of flowers that you can choose from; however, it doesn’t mean that all of the flowers that you want to have is allowed to be included in one arrangement. You have to remember that there will definitely be some limitations on to how many flowers in one arrangement. Also, you have to make sure that the flowers that you include complementing each other.

2. Overly mix-and-matching

We all know that each of them has their own unique features. They differ in color, shape, texture, and other visible features. If you want to focus on one particular arrangement, you have to make sure that the flowers that you choose compliments with the other flowers. If you want to have a red rose and wanted to include other flowers in one arrangement, then you have to have a flower that also has a red accent on it.

3. Loosely arranging blooms

When making a flower arrangement, you have to remember to do the “cluster.” If you know how to pull off a few elements together in groups of three, then it will be definitely lovely to look at. Moreover, try positioning the cluster at the edge of your vase for added wow factor. Surely, it will naturally draw your eye and attention.

4. Cutting the stems straight

If you are planning to cut the stems of the flowers straight, then don’t! Cutting it straight would not be stylish and nice to look at. Well, if you want to achieve your desired flower arrangements, then you have to cut the stem on a bias. You can play with it by giving your stems and creating a ‘straw-like’ hydration system and ensures no bacteria that can grow on the bottom of your vase.

5. Not changing the water enough

One of the most important things for you to remember is having the right amount of water in your vase. You have to make sure that the water that you use is clean enough for your flower. Of course, if you use old and dirty water, there are possibilities that your flower will wilt immediately since there are bacteria that are already growing in the water.

If you are willing and serious about learning how to make the flower arrangements, then it is easy for you to learn it when you already know the basics of it. Well, all you have to do is ask some questions on how to do it, and/or do some experimentation on your own on how you can pull a beautiful flower arrangement. As I’ve said, it’s art!


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