Open House: Various Type Of Personalities You’ll Encounter In An Open House

An open house event is a long-time tradition in the real estate industry. Basically, its objective is simple:  to expose a home for sale to a specific target audience and get them to make a competitive offer to the seller.

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What Type Of Personalities To Expect In An Open House

Just like any social affair, this presents an opportunity to meet different types of people. The variety of personalities comprising both of the agent-in-charge and the attendees, i.e. prospective buyers, can be equally surprising in a good and a bad way.

If you are a homeowner who is considering putting up your Makati condominium or Cebu family home in the market, having a basic knowledge of what to expect will help you assess on how to deal with them should you decide to conduct a public showing for your own Philippine property later on.

Below is a quick guide for you.

Agent. Here are some of the types of real estate agents you may encounter:

  • The Entertainer. He is the perfect host who stands at the front door ready to greet each and every attendee with an accommodating smile and friendly tone. He says all the right things at the right time – from the introducing himself, getting the names of and necessary information from the visitors, handing brochures to facilitating the tour around the different corners of the residence and answering questions promptly and eagerly.
  • The Recluse.  He sticks to his basic duties and considers minimal interaction as the best approach to get a sale. He believes that everything a buyer needs to know is found in the flier and the rest is self-explanatory. He stays in a corner partially visible to anyone who wants to inquire.
  • The invisible. He sets a bulletin board up identifying the steps the visitor needs to take – register, take a leaflet and roam around. He is practically nowhere to be found. He is either in the backyard pretending to be someone else he is not or fast asleep behind the wheel of the car in the driveway.

Buyer. Here are some of the types of buyers you may come across with:

  • The Inquirer. He has every intention to purchase a property. He is your ideal homebuyer – very interested, checking the rooms in a detailed manner and asks a lot of questions.
  • The Curious. He has read your advertisement and since he lives nearby or within a few minutes drive, he’s there to see what the hype is all about. He may have plans to buy true, but not in the near future. He may be collecting inspiration for his own open house event or using this as a chance to meet a good realtor.
  • The Bystander. He’s your neighbor who likes to see your former place of living. He’s a guy who happens to pass by the street and realizes he can gather decoration ideas for his own residence.

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