Open House: Three (3) Reasons Why You Should Conduct An Open House, from a Seller’s Viewpoint

Arguments have been raised about the effectiveness of conducting open houses these days. While some still consider it as one of the ageless traditions in the real estate industry therefore it must not be forgotten, there are others who find it a waste of effort and time with all the prepping that needed to be done.

Open HouseBelow are some of the reasons why this would be a great move on your end. Learn its plus points and benefits and see how you could maximize this marketing strategy to your advantage.

  1. It’s open to everybody. The good thing about it is that it is available to everyone. Once you put up a Philippine property for sale in the market, Filipinos from all walks of life could easily get an access to it. They just need to visit your land personally and see the features themselves. The amount of potential customers you could find are very varied and wide as well. You could tap buyers who are new in the area and probably have not settled yet. You could get the interest of those who just happen to walk by the street too and perhaps engage them well enough so they would be inclined to buy even if purchasing a new home is not in their immediate plans yet. You could also capture the attention of brokers who would want to team up with you on the sale. If you’re lucky, they could even give you top tips on how to sell houses faster.
  1. You could draw the curiosity of the crowd who prefer actual browsing. With the latest technologies nowadays, it’s fairly easy for a prospective buyer to simply power up his laptop or use his smartphone and check the listings online. However, nothing beats actual viewing. Majority of serious homebuyers would want to see how big the kitchen area or how cozy the patio is to get the authentic feel of their future home. As it’s often held during weekends, there are also several independent clients who would rather not make appointments with a realtor so they would favor attending an open house on their free time.
  1. It could provide more exposure for your property. Just imagine setting up a Facebook event and inviting people to join the affair. If you combine both old and new techniques, the magnitude of the buzz it could create would be very extensive that you could set your house for sale on fire! The chance of receiving bids would certainly much be higher with all the hype it would be getting.

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